Video cards for two diferent builds need help.

Okay two things i waited to get my graphics card seeing if the new 6900 would be worth my moneyz. Doesn't seem that way. So my build is i7 950 and i game at 1600x900 and dont plan on getting a new monitor any time soon. So im thinking of getting the gtx 470 just because its a good price and i think its a little overkill for my monitor. I play mmorpg, wc3, sc2, lol and bc2, tf2 l4d and l4d2 and trying to play more fps. but pretty sure that card can max all those games with everything like aa etc.. if im not correct if anyone can give me a better video card to get around the 200-300 $300 is pushing it would rather be $250 max. thanks

second question
i have a friend who has an i7 920. and two 9800gtx+ in sli. now he games at 1280x1024 pretty sure one or the other is bottlenecking something. He photoshops and games the same games i do. Im guessing i should put his configure to a 9800gtx+ as dedicated and put the other in physx? would that make a difference on anything and would he still be able to max games out like i would at an fps he is playable?
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  1. got it first one he gets max with just one 9800gtx+ might just put it in physx for other games in the future. and i think im getting the 470gtx feels like its the best choice.
  2. The 470gtx is waaaaay overkill for every game you play expect BFBC 2.
    9800GTX is getting to be a very old card but it is no surprise why i can't max out all of the games you listed,i would see them having some trouble trying to run BFBC2.
    I'm sure you could go as low as a 460 or a 6850 and still be able to max out all of those games,but if you have the money and it isn't an issue you should for the 470 because it will benifit you more later on.
  3. Just for reference my Radeon 5570 runs all of those games close to max expect for BFBC2.
  4. thought so with the 470. and the 9800gtx+ he gets 50fps maxed which i think is still pretty good. And honestly i dont mind going a 460 im only gonna keep the card for a year or two when im able to switch monitor for a 1080 or above. but prob going a 470gtx. thanks for the info
  5. Yes a 460 will definitly last you a year, and if you wanted to save money just SLI with another one when the time comes.If you have to, buy another mobo.
    Do you have a big enough PSU for the 470?
    The 470 requires two 6-pin adapters.
  6. i have the ASUS P6X58D-E as a motherboard so i know i can sli the 460s. OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP as my power supply i know it can handle one 470. Honestly purple i might save the $100 and go with the 460 and get me an ssd. ive been reading online that at 1600x900 with a 460 i should get 40fps+ but if i overclock it i should get 50fps if im lucky maxed out everything wit aa etc... on bfbc2 and that is pretty much the most gpu intensive game i play.

    edit: does it matter which 460 i get for brand? or should there be a particular one that is really good in overclocking to a 470 level?
  7. I don't know to much about Nvidia cards,but if you name a price it is easier to select which version to get.Wait till someone else reads this theras i know we have lots of nvidia people around here.

    I've heard lots of good things about this card

    DirectCU versions are always good for O.C.(allow you to mess with voltage)

    Sorry i cant help much their,Goodluck
  8. TO answer your second question,their are particular ones that are better O.C. etc etc it is just not an area i know to well.
  9. yea i was looking at the sames ones so far purple i hear good things and overclocking in the msi hawk. but its $220 and the gtx 470 i was looking at is about $250 on sale right now or it would be about $280. EVGA 012-P3-1472-AR
    its a $30 dollar difference i wonde if its worth the extra $30. either way ima keep the thread open so maybe people can give me better options thanks for the help so far purple!!!!
  10. Yea you should keep the thread open.

    Really if the 470 is just $30 more i would say go for it,espically with an O.C. the 470 would surpass the 460 if only for $30 more.

    Your welcome.Goodluck
  11. I just read some reviews of the 460 Hawk and the gigabyte 470,you should have a look...

    It seems the 470 was better by about 10FPS in every game.
  12. yea it seems i can push the 460 msi alot more than the evga 470 i was looking at. and the gigabyte is about 80-90$ difference, now for that difference more i can get me a new pair of headsets cause mine just broke on me. going with the 460 and 10fps difference isnt worth 80-90$ thanks purple.
  13. Welcome, but i think you should leave the thread open for a couple more days.
  14. affirmative will still leave open for about a few days or so till i decide to order the card.
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