Need help with a CPU cooler

I am currently building a PC and I have all the appropriate parts needed except for a good CPU cooler. I wish to overclock to at least 4.5ghz with the i5 2500k processor.

Overall my rig will come to £800 and I can't afford to spend a lot on a CPU cooler. Can any one recommend me a good CPU cooler at an affordable price (not over £40 or $50 for peeps in the US).

All help will be appreciated and an early thankyou to all :D

My current build will be:

Intel Core i5-2500K, 4x 3.30GHz, boxed
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1000GB, SATA II
Corsair XMS3 DIMM kit 8GB PC3-12800U
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4-B3, P67 (B3)
Cooler Master HAF912 Plus black
Corsair TX 750 V2 750W ATX 2.2
MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC 2GB DDR5
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  1. Thanks for all the help there guys. Just a quick question. I found on that theres a Silent Knight II cpu cooler that support 1155 socket motherboards. It's going for really cheap at the moment (around £13). It is huge but it will fit in my case. Think its worth buying?

    Link to the Silent knight:

    IF not then i can choose between the Zalman CNPS10X-PERFORMA that Davcon has recommended or the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus which simon12 had recommended (thanks for the help guys! :D)
  2. No idea about the silent knight. I have used the Zalman performa and the 212+ but I never compared them on the same system and they are both very good. I had a bad experience using Eclipse Computers but than was nearly 10 years ago. If it helps you can get free delivery from ebuyer if you spend £50.
  3. Found a test with those two on basis of a socket 775.
    These are the results:

    Manufacturer: Model No.: Fan Speed: 150W 85W Noise Level
    Thermal(°C)Thermal(°C) (dBA)

    Zalman CNPS10X Performa high 16.6 10.0 58.7

    Asus Silent Knight 2 high 34.9 21.4 46.2

    Hope this helps you decide a bit better
  4. The Zalman Performa is a top-end cooler performance wise for half the price of the competition.
    Another good unit is the Corsair A70 Air Series CPU Cooler(comes with 2 fans push/pull),i have one.
    You can get one anywhere for under £30 incl vat.
    I also have a 212+ which is excellent price/performance wise,my only complaint is the stock fan is a little loud for my taste.
    I picked up a Corsair A70 for $5 more then the 212+ and mounted it Wednesday on an i5 760 stock.
    It replaced the 212+ temps have dropped further at least 2C on every core and it's quieter even though it has 2 fans.
    Gonna put the 212+ on my i3 550 build.
    That being said if you pick the 212+,Performa,A70,or even a Titan EVO,you won't be dissappointed.
  5. Sorry for the late reply people. Work and college has being a little hectic for me and I hardly had any time to myself. I am going to go with the Corsair A70 which Davcon had recommended.

    The Zalman CNPS10X Performa that soest009 had recommended had also being a preferred choice but unfortunately it was not in sale from the store in which i had bought all of my other parts (didn't wanna spend extra on delivery if i purchased from another store lol).

    But thank you everyone for the help. If I could recommend you to any people, I would! All of you gave me a lot of help on this and I really do appreciate that! Thanks! :)
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