NMEDIAPC Red Wood HTPC 8000 for a gaming rig

Hello, Just wondering how viable it would be to try and use the nMEDIAPC Red Wood HTPC 8000 case to house a gaming setup. I wanted to get a stylish case for a system I'm building for the summer.
I realize it's not ideal, being designed for a HTPC, but maybe with added better fans or whatever, do people think it's doable?
If not, does anyone have other recommendations for a stylish case that's more than just a black box.

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  1. well.of course but what is your gpu?Do you think you can have good passive air cooling?The case is made of wood.

    I say no.
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    lianli pc 777

    well you can have this! or this silverstone fortress.
    silverstone ft02s-w
  3. Thank you for the help :D Super late reply but I appreciate the response. I'll look into the suggested cases
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