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I got a Asus desktop last year and just went and got the Sabertooth 99FX Mobo in order to run two GPUs in SLI mode. I went out and got a new Case and a second GTX 460 GPU and started putting everything together. On my Asus Desktop I had Win 7 OEM installed and decided to use the same HDD for my new build. So i took the HDD out (without formatting it), placed it in my new build and turned the power followed by installing Win 7 Full Version. It went through its normal loading phase and then got to its install phase at which time I selected the custom install so it would remove all of the other stuff on the HDD.

After installing to about 5-8% a blue screen pop up and stated to stop the installation or it could cause harm to my system. It then said to try and install Win 7 again and if that didn't work, I needed to call for assistance. I tried a second time and got a Window Boot Manager screen where it said

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause"

The it goes to tell me to insert my Win 7 disc and restart the computer.

A few lines down it states

"File: \windows\system32\drivers\pci.sys"
"Info: Windows failed to load because a critical system driver is missing or corrupt".
(this messages changes from driver to kernel each time I attempt to install Win 7"

I then took out my old HDD and put it into my other computer and formatted it. Installed it back in, and got the message after trying to install Win 7 again. I then called Microsoft and was on the phone with a tech for about 3 hours trying everything. Tried downloading win 7 onto a flash drive to boot off of, downloaded Win 7 via internet in case my dics were messed up. Tried taking a second unformatted HDD and using that instead of my formatted one and still I got the same messages.

The tech then stated it could be the Mobo since we established the HDD and the Disc were not the issue. So I am left with thinking that maybe some how during the first install attempt with my original OEM unformatted HDD that I messed up something on the Motherboard. Or some how the drivers became currupted.

Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about or if there is a way to reset or update a mobo drivers without a OS installed. I have tried to use the Mobo software disc that has the drivers, but when i put that in my DVD drive, i get a BOOTMGR missing, press crtl-alt-delete to restart message.

Any advice would help. Or do you all think I need to take this to a professional and have him/her fix and install Win 7 for me?

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  1. Please provide your complete PC spec.
  2. Thermaltake - V9 Black Edition Mid-Tower Case
    Cooler Master - GX 750-Watt ATX/EPS CPU Power Supply
    AMD 1045T Phe II (6x) CPU
    8 GB Asint Ram
    PNY GTX 460 GPU (orginally had both installed during initial Win 7 install, but took second out after first error message)
    Sabertooth 990fx AMD3+ Mobo
    Antec 620 H2O Cpu Coller
    Average ASUS 24x DVD drive
    Seagate - Barracuda 1TB 7200
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