All my graphic needs!

For a "not too" expensive LCD, I'm thinking about buying the ViewSonic 24" HDMI 1080p display. Does anyone have any opinions about this display? It's seems to be a great buy. Will it handle all my graphic needs? Is it quality enough for just around 200.00 bones?

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  1. I forgot about your specs...
    But many good reviews of that monitor, I think 200 bucks are worth for this monitor. :)
  2. Dell regularly has 24" for $140-150 w/free shipping.

    Unfortunately right now the 24" LED is $185.
  3. I do like the 2ms response time, normally larger monitors end up going around 5-10ms.
    It's a decent price as well, but you won't be using those HD integrated speakers they mention...probably.

    Normal DELL monitors are 5ms, and they cost over 200$, it's not bad for an LED but I'd rather go for the Viewsonic.
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