SATA cable getting too much heat?

Hey everyone,

Just finished a new build and I discovered that some of my Sata ports are covered. The sata ports that are still exposed I have my 2 hard drives plugged into. However, the port for my optical drive, just clears the video card. I do have a sata cable plugged into this port, but the head of the sata cable where it plugs into the motherboard is touching the exterior of the graphics card (ati 4890).

Just for clarification the sata ports are all underneath what I believe is the air intake side of the 4890. The location where the sata cable and the video card is warm to the touch but not unbearable. I plan on scanning alot of music into this system in lossless format. My concern is heat my affect the performance of the sata cable and diminish the quality of the cd rips from the optical drive? Or cause data corruption? I'm not sure. Thank you.
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    No, nothing will happen, it's digital data, 0s and 1s, they either pass through or don't so quality and corruption have nothing to do with this, unlike an analogue signal.

    So this will not affect your data, however, it may affect your cable itself IF the heat made by the card is enough to actually melt the cable you could get a 90 degree angled Sata cable which has a connector angled at 90 degrees, here is one:

    Connect the bent side in that port and that would make it further from the card,

    You don't need to do this unless you feel that the heat may melt the plastic,
    OR you could get a PCI Sata card, but that would expensive and stupid.

    So anyways, you are okay but only if you feel that the heat can actually melt it you should get a 90 degree cable, and also, he air intake side is cooler than any other part of the card such as the exhaust so I strongly doubt that it can melt it.

    So, you're good.

    Best answer Plz. I'm the only one who bothered answering this.
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