Sapphire HD6870 & Q8200

will it be any bottleneck with My Cpu?
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  1. Depends on the resolution you play at.
    In resolutions like 1680x1050,you'll see a major bottleneck but on higher resolutions like 1080p,you won't see much of a bottleneck but overall,OC'ng your CPU will give you a good boost in some games.
  2. ic.
    now i just use 720p resolution
    so do i need oc'ng my cpu clock around 3.00Ghz?

    coz the perfomance just increase around 10% from my previous gtx260
    most of games..
  3. Yes,OC'ng to 3.0GHz will give you a great boost in performance
  4. ok,i will try it asap..
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