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Gtx 580 sli vs hd6970 crossfire for 2560x1600

Hey guys,

So i have been looking at the benchmarks on diff sites and it looks like the hd6970 crossfire comes very close and often beats the more expensive gtx 580 sli at resolution of 2560x1600 which is what i am interested in since i have a 30" dell monitor.Is it still worth getting the 580 or save the cash and go with the hd 6970 crossfire?

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  1. I'd go with Crossfire, although, the GTX cards are faster in some games....(Nvidia is also usually quicker with driver updates, as well...)
  2. Gtx 580 and ati 6970 are not really competitors to what i have read, the 580 is faster.
  3. At CF and SLI the cards are on par. A wiser choice would be two 6950's there are about $600 and perform god at that res.
  4. plznote said:
    At CF and SLI the cards are on par. A wiser choice would be two 6950's there are about $600 and perform god at that res.

    Really ? No- 580 is faster-
    I provided links for 3D mark 2011 from 2 websites-
  5. Without having seen many benchmarks:

    Teh 580 trends slightly faster then the 6970
    SLI is historically better at scaling then CF

    However, the 6970 is SOOOO much cheaper, I see no reason to bother with the 580 at this juncture, even if it is slightly ahead.
  6. crossfire has improved dramatically in the hd 6xxx series go for 2x hd 6970s
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    3dMark is very interesting to see how the cards stack up, but framerates in the games that people are playing are probably more important for most folks. 6970 crossfire scaling is impressive, and the additional memory seems to give it a leg up on closing the gap on the 580 when you're looking at multiple card configurations.

    The benchies for crossfire out of the Tom's review of 6970/6950 curiously omit 580 SLI from their charts. However, at 2500x1600 the 6970 is significantly faster than the 570, so it is probably quite close to 580 performance. For around $260 less, and requiring far less on the PSU front, I'd go with the 6970's if you're looking for value and extreme performance. If you're just concerned about absolute performance and aren't as concerned about a couple hundred dollars (which is very possible with this kind of hardware), I'd probably go with the 580's.
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