Black screen after uninstalling drivers

I accidentally uninstalled the video card drivers and now after getting the xp startup screen it went blank. Since there is a login before going to the desktop I am stuck in this spot.
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  1. have you tried booting in safe mode? it will bypass the login screen and allow you to reload your graphics drivers
  2. I have the same problem
    When I go to safe mode it loads but later my pc restarts again.
    When I wait for windows to load it's fine but the oohing screen dosent show up.

    I uninstalled my nvidia drivers to swith to ati the geforce show bios loading and windows but the ati radeon dosent show anything.

    Pls HELP!!
  3. Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but thank you Snurp85!! I had the same issue. I hadn't thought about trying safe mode, but I did it, loaded the drivers from the disc, and it works! Thanks so much!

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