Screen goes black after playing games


My PC specs are;
Intel Q6600
Asus HD4850
Thermaltake 700W LitePower

My problem is after playing games for around 20min, my screen goes black and the monitor won't recognize any images. The music of the game will continue to play. Than the pc will reset itself.

This problem only happens during games. I have never had this problem before. It has only happened since I changed my graphic card from a 9400GT to a HD4850?

Any solutions?
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  1. Check the card temps after playing for 10-15 minutes, it could be an overheating...
    ANd make sure update your card with the latest driver from AMD site.
  2. Ran GPU-z while playing Crysis Warhead, Temps of the HD 4850 didn't get above 100C. Drives are all up to date, downloaded them all yesterday from ATI.

    Now when I try start games, the screen will pixel-ate with red glitches all over and get worse gradually till the pc will turn off.

  3. What did the temps get too? Although my old 4850 did survive going to 100-110C, temps in the 90-100C range could cause problems. Unless you have the single slot reference 4850, temps should be much lower than 100C (more in the 50-80C range).
  4. 80-90C, I was just playing Crysis Warhead then.
    Now my problem is the game will run but there are so many glitches and red dots appear and screen goes blue etc.
    It's weird because yesterday it ran fine.

    Would the 4850 be causing these problems?
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