It is this psu enough for a gtx 460 sli and i7 920 oc @ 3.6


I want to know if this psu

would be enough for handling the following

i7 920 @ 3.6
Asus P6t
6 gb Platinium DDr3
1 tb Western Digital green (*2)
2 gtx evga 460 1 gb

thanks for all your help.
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  1. no ! it is a terrible power supply as others with more experience than me will soon tell you,
    go for a better brand like corsair, or antec, dont ever be tricked by tigerdirects pathetic ultra brand power supplies
  2. in general more than the wattage is important in a power supply, like efficiency, current at the 12v line, etc. but in short ultra is not a good brand.
    use this power supply calculator
    and see how much power you really need,
    Im sure somebody willl eventually tell you what power supply to buy as im not entirely sure how much power you will need
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    Get this one:
    That's $10 more than the one you linked above, 650W only but I guarantee you can run dual GTX460 with that PSU. :)

    However, you must use molex 4pin to 6pin for the other GTX460 since this PSU only has 2x 6pin power connector. That's should be no problem with this PSU.
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