MSI N470GTX Twin Frozr II vs Inno 3D GTX470 vs Sapphire 6870

Those are my options, and I want to know the best. Whatever I get WILL be SLIed/Crossfired. Best for gaming.
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  1. Dual GTX470 can be HOT and tricky.
    So if your board support both of SLI/CF then I think you'll better with dual HD6870.

    i know, GTX470 is faster than HD6870 (but just a little bit faster).
    But considering power consumption and heat, I prefer dual HD6870 better than dual GTX470. :)
  2. ^+1. Unless your games use PhysX, AND you have benchmarks showing a visible difference at your resolution for your games, the lower power/noise/heat cards are the better choice.
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