Help me to choose between Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2PT and GA-G41MT-S2

I want to purchase a motherboard for my old home system(Pentium D - LGA775 Socket).
I am confused between these two MOBO

1) Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2PT

2) Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2

Can anybody tell me that what are the main difference between these two and which one is better.

And one more question : does these both motherboard will support a single module RAM of 4 GB (Link given below)

Corsair Memory 4GB DDR3 Memory (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9)
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  1. Why in thwe world would you want to buy an outmoded mb? If you're going to spend money, get something current.
  2. As i told that this MOBO is for my old Home system.
    Intel Pentium D 915 (Dual Core Processor) - LGA775 Socket.
    Intel D102GGC2 Mother Board (It is not working now).

    So, In place of my old motherboard (d102ggc2) i need to buy the alternate motherboard (cost effective) which can work with LGA775 socket (Pentium D processor).

    That's why I am asking about old motherboard.
    Now did you get it!!
    So, please suggest me the better one among the provided two Motherboard.
    And also check whether that Corsair RAM will work with that MOBO or not.
    Thanks for your reply.
  3. Well i have used the s2pt motherboard , faced a lot of problems with the simmtronics ddr 3 ram , single 4 gb stick 1333Mhz.. the computer keeps on turning on off itself, it dosnt even boots.. and i've got cmos faliure several times on a new mobo ! .. I guess il resell this one and go for S2 version because on the net i've seen that it has better reviews.. so il have to take my chances..
  4. well I am using s2p with 2gb*2 module of Coarsier Value select RAM (2 * 2GB) 1333MHz without facing any problems.
    you can read my s2p mobo review at flipkart through below link.
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