New Ati 6850 Resolution problem

Hi I just purchased a Ati HD 6850 sapphire toxic and installed the driveres and everything and set my resolution at 1980X1050 but there are black borders that don't fill up the entire screen. Did I do something wrong? My Monitor is an Asus 24" VW246H
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  1. You set it at what res? 24" monitors tend to be either 1920x1200, or 1920x1080. 1050 monitors tend to be22" or smaller and are 1680x1050.
  2. i set my res at 1980X1050
  3. That's a non standard res. I suggest changing it to whatever your monitor supports.
  4. worldchaos said:
    i set my res at 1980X1050

    The Asus 24" VW246H has native resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  5. How are you connecting your monitor to the 6850? I had a similar problem with my Acer monitor and 6870. My problem was, I was using the HDMI connection and when I switched to the DVI connection, the black borders went away and the display filled the entire screen.
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