Graphics Card not responding on motherboard

Hi. I am having difficulty setting up my new build's BIOS because the graphics card isn't working with the motherboard (even though they're both Gigabyte) The card works fine, I tried on another computer, and the motherboard has no integrated video, so I don't understand why there's a conflict. I believe my motherboard only has a CMOS reset jumper, which I have tried already. Can anyone help me? I'm thinking my only two solutions are to try and set everything up with a different gpu and then switch back to this one or... Walk blindly through the bios and windows setup and then install the drivers without actually seeing what's going on. I'm not sure that's a very viable option.
I have:
970A UD3 gigabyte motherb.
HD 6850 (GV R685OC- 1GD) gigabyte GPU
AMD phenom II X4
COrsair non modular 650TX V2
and corsair fan cooling.
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  1. Make sure the power cables are properly attached to the GPU, and that the GPU is securely seated into the PCIe slot.
  2. what does it mean isn't working? No boot? no post? simply no display?
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