Front panel connector problems

Recently put a cheap computer together and am having some trouble with the front bezel connectors. To test them, I plugged a wireless USB adapter into both connections 1 at a time and the adapter didn't light up for either one. It works fine on the back connectors. I also tried this with a USB mouse. The front panel also has audio ports for microphone and headphones. They don't work either.

I'm using Linux Mint 10, so I wanted to make sure that doesn't have anything to do with the problem. I don't know if front panel USBs require any drivers, though I suspect not.

Can anyone tell me what the possible problems are and if there's anyway to test them? The mATX board only has 2 USB connections in there so I'm pretty sure I have it plugged into the right place. I tried both of them by the way.

Other than this front panel problem, the computer is working fine. I just don't want to go crawling in the back every time I need to plug in a flash drive.
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  1. Did you flip the connectors around on the header panel?
    Did you confirm the orientation of the header/connector? On some boards it can be sideways rather than across the header block.
  2. The usb connector can only be plugged in one way. I don't know the technical term, but it has an uneven number of pins kind of like:

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