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GPU Dilemma

Hey guys,

I have a situation here and not sure how "bottleneck" works. My GPU died the other day and in the meantime i am planning on putting a cheapy in there, like $60 or so. Problem is I have a high end computer build and not sure if it is going to jack up the rest of the hardware in any way. Heres what im using:

Tt Frio CPU Cooler
6GB Corsair Dominator
Asus P6X58D-Premium
Corsair 750W PSU
Cooler Master HAF X
Asus DVD Drive
...Hooked up to a 46" LED TV

If I put a really cheap GPU in this for a few months to save up for a nice GPU later, whats going to happen? Sorry Im naive to this.
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    You wouldn't be able to play the newer games at high settings, but you will be able to use your computer, no doubt about that :D
    Your TV seems to be big, so I guess the resolution will be big as well, so it would be too high for a $60 card to play games. You could lower the resolution and details and have quite playable framerates.
    Other than games, you should be fine.
  2. Ok. Could I lower the resolution settings for the TV and "play in a window" so to speak? The only games I play are Civilization 5 and Diablo 2. But the comp is mainly used for school right now.
  3. Right^
    Your TV probably has 1080p resolution,and there are no $60 cards that can handle game fine on this resolution.You have to lower the resolution in order to get better FPS but the image may look blurry.
  4. You will be fine. Just try getting a GT 240 or HD 5670, as these are the best for a 300W PSU, so you can sell it or give to someone you know with no problems :)
  5. Tigrc would you recommend the ATI or Nvidia card you just mentioned?
  6. 5670, because you won't need the CUDA technology as your system is high performance enough. I recommend the 240 for the low-end systems only.
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  8. Thanks I appreciate it
  9. You're welcome :)
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