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I bought the OEM Windows XP Pro. Installed the system after I completely wiped the drives. I added all my hardware before installing so that Windows XP would recognize all my cards/peripherals. One of them is the ATI DV Wonder that has 3 firewire ports. To this I'm only connecting a small portable (bus powered drive) 20gb IBM Travelstar in a self built case.

What I wanted to do with this drive was transfer all of my photos and work that I create at home on my PowerMac, bring them to work and print and/or modify them. While I understand I need to get something like Conversions Plus 6 or MacDrive 5 to read Mac drives from within XP. I'm unable to get the drive recognized by the system. Or at least a dialog box asking if I want to format the drive, but I don't.

I have the sound effect on that tells me when I've added/removed hardware. I hear it, but that's it. I have no way of confirming that the drive is connected.

Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong? I've looked in the driver setting and the firewire card is working but the drive...

I'd appreciate ANY help you can give me.
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  1. The correct procedure is to install the firewire card first with no drives attached. Then simply plug in the drive and it will automatically be recognized by XP and will then automatically map a drive letter to it as a removable drive.

    All plug and play.

    Stephen Benoit

    Stable Technologies
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