Does workgroup better for networking or domain

i am using xp prof and i am using a workgroup for my network my server can share any files printers etc to 4 client pc but when it comes to client pc other games like counter strike see each other no problem but when it comes to other games like my dota warcraft 3 my pc2 and pc3 see each other but with pc1 and pc4 they dont see with others...please help me thanks :)
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  1. networking of this type would not be effected by domain vs workgroup they are more likley just the firewall setups on each PC.

    If you server is a true server, ie. a server OS like win 200 2003 2008 then i shouldnt think you would want it to be hosting the LAN games, one of the client pcs should host
  2. Do they not still teach about sentences in school?
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