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Error message with red letters on a white screen

Hello,I was running Firefox, Thunderbird, IE and media player(music) when I received error message with red letters on a white screen and a loud hum from the speakers.
Asus m4a79xtd evo
phenom 2x4 965
16 gb Corsair memory
Radeon 5770
win7 pro
Intel 320 120Gb SSD
WD Black 750gb
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    Update and run your anti-virus program. You could also use Restore to date earlier than the error message.
  2. What did the error message actually say?
  3. Windows reboot before message could be read
  4. Will the computer boot into Safe Mode and run?
  5. Evidently, my original post was edited. The computer rebooted to the safe option but, I started it normally. I did all of the anti virus, etc.. The computer has been normal since reboot. No unusual symptoms..
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