GTX 470 or GTX 460?

Lately, the price of GTX 470 has dropped noticeably. In Newegg there are lots of 470s priced at $250, something like $40 dollars more than MSI Hawk GTX 460 which is priced at $215 @Newegg.

Is it now still worthy to buy a GTX 460, or just save more money and go for 470?

I'd also would like to ask a recommendation of GTX 470 with cool and quiet performance if any of you know.
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  1. The 470s and 480s are droping in price because 570/580s are taking their place. I think it's a good time to get a 470, if it is enough for you. This one has the best cooling solution and is best for overclocking, so the best performance. It runs quite as well.

    There are cheaper options like: This one being the cheapest.
  2. What is your current card and PSU?
  3. wa1 said:
    What is your current card and PSU?

    Mine is in sig.

    Thanks alot tigrc, the Hawk is yes really cool with Twin Frozer. I think i'll just delay my buy. I wanna research some more before upgrading my rig,

    Admin you can close this thread.. But how the heck come I can't choose the best answer??
  4. You're welcome :)
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