Will a 6950 fit in my machine?


I currently have a Sapphire 4870x2 but it's on it's last legs. I have a Thermaltake Armor+MX case and there is about 2 mm of space between the back of the card and the hard drive cage.

Is the Radeon 6950 any longer than the 4870x2 as if it is I will not be able to fit it in.

If so has anyone any other suggestions for a card to go for? I'm looking at a single card solution for now that I can xfire/sli later if needed.

I have a p5q pro board, q6600 @3.2 and an 850w psu.

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  1. They are the same length - 10.5 inches. You could also save up to a GTX 570 ($350) or HD 6970 ($370).
  2. Ok thanks,

    I have found this GTX 570 for £211.48 inc tax (apporx $334)


    Would you recommend this over the 6950?

  3. Anyday!!! :) 570 FTW :) I will get it in January, when I will build my Sandy Bridge rig :) Good luck with your purchase!
  4. My bad on the link!! Searched for GTX 570 and assumed the results were for 570's. The link I put was for a 470! :(
  5. Oh yeah :D If you can't get the 570, then get the 6950 :)
  6. I say go with the 6950.
  7. Yeah, I think the 6950 will do nicely for now. I can add another for xfire later and they apparently scale very well, up to 99% in some cases!

    Thanks all
  8. Yup, that's the way to go :) Good luck with your purchase!
  9. Just pulled the trigger on a HIS 6950. I have seen that there isn't much difference between makes on the first realease moodles and it was £30 cheaper than the Sapphire. Is that correct?

  10. Yes, it is correct :)
  11. Great, thanks
  12. No problem at all :)
  13. It fitted with nothing to spare, in fact it just touches the hd cage. I had to remove the cage to install, didn't think the cage would fit back in without modding but just slid past! :D
  14. I'm glad it did fit! :D
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