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I am trying to set up 3 monitors on a dell precision T5500 running windows 7 64bit.

I currently have 2 monitors connected to an NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 which has two ports and that work fine with one monitor running 2560x1600 landscape and a second monitor running portrait 1600x1200 alongside.

I want to add a 3rd monitor again running portrait 1600x1200. I've tried putting in a 2nd PCIE card into the spare PCIE 16 slot but this doesn't work (I've tried NVIDIA and ATI cards).

Dell tell me that I need a pair of SLI or Crossfire cards and my original FX570 won't do. I'm not sure why this is as Win XP and (I thought) Win 7 would handle mutliple cards in the operating system and in the past I've mixed ATI and NVIDIA cards in XP systems with no issues.

Can anyone explain this? If I need to buy 2 new cards can anyone recommend ones that support these resolutions - this is a business machine so I don't need fancy performance and everytime I look up SLI/Crossfire I enter gamers territory.

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  1. You can do it with one ATI card from 5000 or 6000 series, but you will need one of your screens to be native displayport, or buy an active dvi-displayport adapter.

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