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Recommend mouse/kbd for ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

Those of you with this motherboard, please recommend a good usb mouse/keyboard that will work in the BIOS and Windows from the very first boot to forever.

ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3, i5 2500K, Win7 X64
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    Either a cheap and very basic USB KB/M or best IMO a PS/2 Keyboard is guaranteed to work. The 'problem' with complex USB KB/M is that in order to function they often require a driver. Therefore, 'driver-less' KB/M work.

    I'd go to a place like Walmart and find a $10 or less USB KB/M or any PS/2 keyboard. I don't need a mouse to enter the BIOS and change values.
  2. Thanks, jaquith, for the reply. Probably, I should have been a bit more specific. I'm shopping for a new mouse/kbd and would like a recommendation for a high quality setup to use beyond the initial setup. But you still offered the solution... I'll just find a nice, popular ps2 keyboard and mouse. Hopefully an illuminated keyboard that won't crumble under heavy gaming.
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  4. Important, your MOBO only has (1) PS/2 port, and most PS/2 KB/M aren't good for anything more than system and BIOS setup.

    Beyond that there are a couple good illuminated (back lit) keyboards that I can recommend. Example illuminated keyboards the Logitech 920-000914 + Logitech M100 or for Gaming Logitech G19 + Cyborg RAT 7.
  5. Yikes! Glad you pointed out only one ps2 port. I have an old, cheap ps2 keyboard stashed somewhere around the house that I can use for the initial setup. Once I have installed Win7, I can then install the drivers for the nice Logitech illuminated kb. Was also looking at the Microsoft Sidewinder, but one of the reviewers said the paint starts flaking off after a while... I never even thought about things like that.
  6. I have this motherboard and my Logitech G5 mouse works just fine with the UEFI bios. Razer mouse worked but up is down and down is up when working with it in the BIOS.
  7. On pretty much any 'painted' mouse or device that's being used constantly you'll eventually wear-off the paint. I'm more concerned about if it works and works well.

    Personally, I'm very finicky about the 'feel' of the keyboard and the key strokes. While 'my feeling' works for 'me' it might not work for you. Therefore, I've found it best to go to a few places that carry PC stuff and tryout the KB/M. Next, I have specialized KB/M for different purposed uses.

    This is like trying on shoes and how it fits; good for one horrible for another. In general, I find to a degree you get what you pay for, and there's nothing worst than a 'poor fit.' Gaming USB IMO is a must over anything wireless. Illuminated is a necessity if you need to look at the keys.
  8. Quote:
    but up is down and down is up

    Fabulous. I have trouble even tying my shoelaces.

    Gaming USB IMO is a must over anything wireless

    Yeah. I'm using a wireless mouse on my current (old) build, and it's not very accurate when moving quickly.
  9. Ive had no problem in Bios with my nice wireless Logitech board. So long as it isn't too exotic, just about any USB (wired or wireless) keyboard will do the trick.
  10. Quote:
    just about any USB (wired or wireless) keyboard will do the trick.

    That's comforting to know. I guess that I just overreact after reading some of the horror stories in the product reviews. Jaquith warned me in another thread to not put much stock in the user reviews. But, you know, when you're spending money and eager to get it all together and working... bad reviews of a product seem to ignite the paranoia and anxiety.
  11. Razer is another KB/M to consider, but lately I've been a little disappointed in build quality (failure rate/driver issues). Granted some folks mistreat their KB/M when gaming isn't going well ;)
  12. Do many people still use joysticks/gamepads/controllers when gaming on a PC?
  13. Depends on the Game. Folks use their XBox USB controller. Folks who like flight sims/games use flight stick + throttle, folks who like car wheel + pedals. But most folks use Gaming KB/M.

    Way...way back in the past I use to love a 360-degree 'Orb' controller; not to confused with the App.
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