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D330 ut what is the best graphic card it can take

Have a D330 ut and was wondering what is the best card that the machine can take
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    Is that your PC?
    I can't find any more reliable source to identify your PC.
    But if that's your PC then it has an AGP slot, so you can use AGP card on it.

    Why do you want to buy new card? I'm sorry, but to be honest, it's wasting your money on this old PC, since any AGP card (mostly) will be held back by your CPU.
  2. Yes it is that one .

    Its only because I LAN battlefield 2 and got that pc cheap and had only on board graphics and 20-40 pound is cheap enough for a card but not sure what ones will work with this PC if you do many thanks again
  3. AGP cards are expensive, so with 20-40 pounds I think you can't get a new card, you can try eBay to get used card...
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  5. thanks looks like i'll have to spend more but with a 230 watt psu dont think ill have much choice .
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