What should I seek on a mobo ? (buying 1 this week)

I'm kinda clueless about mobo and I do have a hard time figuring what I do and don't need. So if anyone could give me a few pointer I'd apreciated.

I'm rebuilding my PC going for an Eyefinity top gamer PC, but I always keep a few applications running while gaming like: Web browsers, video streaming, skype, nice looking windows 7 font.

So far these feature are the only ones I know that I need.

1: Enough 2.0 and 3.0 USB port for my personal use
2: 3x crossfire (with enough space to allow cooling or maybe even watercooling)
3: 4 RAM slots (so I have room for improvement if 2x4G isn't enough in the future)
4: Intel-i5 compatible
5: (how can I know if the mobo is easy to clock ? )

So far I still see mobo going from 150 to 350$ with about the same features that I've listed, so I guess I miss something important about motherboards.

I'm mostly looking for pointer too look at, but if any of you have a motherboard to suggest feel free too.
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  1. Basically find a P67 or more likely Z68 motherboard that supports tri-crossfire, and you should be fine. Go for a good brand, though.
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