Is the ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 reliable?


Long time reader, first time poster. These forums have always been tremendously useful, but now I have a question I'd like to ask rather than just lurk.

I recently replaced the E6600 Conroe in my EVGA 680i board with an E8400. I always like to repurpose parts, and a friend might need a new PC. So, with a spare CPU and a few other spare parts, I was considering building something based around the E6600 for short change.

One big problem is finding a reliable new LGA 775 board. The old reliable ones are largely discontinued or have skyrocketed in price, and the newer LGA 775 boards have reports of flakiness abound. After sifting through lots of available boards with notably high failure rates after 9+ months, the ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 has come to the surface.

It doesn't seem to have the swath of failure reports that other boards have, but there isn't a lot of information on it period. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they fairly reliable in lifespan? It likely won't be overclocked much if at all, which was the biggest fault I could find about it.

If anyone has any experience with it, positive or negative, I'd very much appreciate information on it.


The current spare parts list is as follows:
Intel E6600 2.4GHz (Conroe): Never overclocked, always well cooled, four years use.
EVGA 8800GTS 640MB or 320MB: 640MB Used for about three years. Replaced with Radeon 5770 due to 8800GTS no longer meeting my peculiar needs for display hookups. 320MB used for about a year before the motherboard croaked.
Corsair 650TX or OCZ GameXstream 700W: Corsair used for about a year before the MB it was attached to died of old age. OCZ was used for about three years and removed because slightly rattling fans annoy me.
Antec 300: Bought and shelved. Still NIB. Not that cases usually go bad...
DVD Burner: I've got a few spares that work without problems. All lightly used.
1TB WD Caviar Black: Assuming the dead motherboard didn't take it to the grave too, it only had about a year of use on it.
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  1. Asus is one of the best name board makers. Of course, a DOA board is possible with any brand. But Asus is usually at the top of the lists for dependability. The board you mention I have no experience with, but I see no reason it won't perform properly for you. Remember, you will have to upgrade your RAM from DDR2 to DDR3.

    It's hard to find much info on old obsolete boards, so I'm not surprised you can't get much. Here is the Asus wesite for the board if it helps.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. :]

    I noticed that it was DDR3 instead of DDR2, which ultimately is nicer since it's easier to get sticks (and sometimes cheaper, too). Thanks for the spec sheet, as well. The ASUS site was giving me trouble a few days go, with lots of dead pages, but it seems to be working now. My current primary machine's a P6T, working strong from day one, so I have some faith in the ASUS name. My older one (that the E6600 was pulled from) is an EVGA 680i.

    Thanks again. I'll grab one from Fry's, and cross my fingers that it's stable and has a long life ahead of it.
  3. ASUS P5G 41T-M LX3 SUCKS! I've changed the board 3 times already and it just enjoys failing. ASUS is just making crapy stuff on 'legacy' components that so happen to be used by millions still. I've lost faith in them now - how did you fair with the motherboard?
  4. Deeper research on the board showed it to be questionable, so I ultimately took a different risk: I got a used Gigabyte P35-DS3L off eBay. I was pretty wary about getting a used board, but I put it through 72 hours of stress testing and it passed with flying colors. It did cost about $15 more in total, but I've had excellent luck with Gigabyte LGA775 boards in the past. It's operating as well as an E6600 with a stock cooler can be expected to.

    My P6T from ASUS is still running flawlessly, so I'll not shun ASUS over one board -- clearly the LX3 is just a lemon model.
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