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Which i7 build should i do

i have asked a few questions here already and purchased some stuff from the advice i got. but am having second thoughts. i can return all my stuff if i want. so here is what i got and my proposed alternative. please let me know what yal think thanks

what i have:

gigabyte p55-ud3
4gb ddr3 1333 corsair dominator ram
sapphire radeon 4870 1gb
ultra 650 power supply (yes its certified 80 plus)
ocz vertex 2 60gb ssd for booting
haf-x case

here is what im considering:

gigabyte ga-xa58a-ud3r
6gb ocz 1600 gold ram

i wll be using same video card and psu as well as ssd
the video card was given to me so thats why im using it

i will be doing some gaming and photo editing and video encoding
is it worth it to send the stuff back to get the new processor, mobo and ram?
the reason i chose these is im dual booting with mac osx (so i need certain parts) so its only these parts
just wanted to see what would better fit my needs. thanks alot
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  1. Why don't you wait like a month and get a Sandy Bridge instead? Check this out:

    Be sure to check the video encoding and gaming performance sections; that should say it all.
  2. sandybridge isnt fully compatible with the mac partition im doing. and i need a computer now and dont wanna wait haha
  3. any advice would be appreciated!

    Switch to an Intel Sandy Bridge build.

    For any budgeting concerns. Seek help in my siggy. Those builds should work out just nicely. What exactly is your budget?
  5. thanks for the response. i really want to stick with one of the two setups i have listed because i dont want to wait until the sandybridge mobos to come out and they dont work natively yet so likely have glitches. would u go for the 1156 or 1366? im just trying to decide between those, thanks!
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    Well if I had to choose between those. I don't think I would choose either at this point in time. But if you really had to choose. 1156 would be my choice. But that's because the i5 760 is/was a great chip at its price. Currently the 2500K smokes out any 1156 and 1366 chip above or below its price.

    So I would choose the 1156, but because you have a somewhat large budget. The 1366 would be good as well.

    What do you mean natively? I mean it seems to run like a Hackintosh quite fine from what I've seen.
  7. i really appreciate the replies by the way.

    when i read the link on tonymac it said at this time they dont recommend it but they can work but not recommended yet.

    i know the 2500k is supposed to be great but would it be better for photoshop then the i7-870 with hyperthreading?
  8. Well, apparently. Yes.

    Ahh I see, so he doesn't recommend it yet. Well, It's really personal preference. The i7 870 is a fine chip. It's not bad. Just not great at its price currently.
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  10. GL with the Hackintosh or Dual boot build.
  11. thanks i appreciate all the help!
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