Front I/O jack problem scares me!

I recently built a new pc with a Asus crosshair IV formula motherboard and a Coolermaster Haf 912 case So far things went relatively well except for when I started installing vent and setting up my headset.

For some reason when I go to plug in a headphone or mic jack into the front I/O jacks on the case the screen turns black the moniter shuts down and the pc goes completely unresponsive. After shutting down and starting the computer up again the bios is all screwy and some things need to be changed. Starting up with less cores for my cpu etc.

The jacks on the back seem to be working correctly so far. I went back and checked that the wires for the front audio were the hd plug and appeared to be pinned exactly as the motherboard documentation states. So It appears that that connection is correct... and I have it set for HD audio in the bios for the front input.... So not exactly sure where to go from here. Kinda scared to try much of anything either with the way it shuts down etc.

Any ideas?
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  1. That's usually indicative of a short somewhere, though since the beginning of time, for whatever reason if the sound is not set up right on a PC it can stop functionality.

    Approach it as a non-electrical issue first... In most cases, the front audio connections on a case usually only accommodate stereo connections and analog mics and not HD. Have you tried switching the front audio BIOS setting to 'Analog', 'Stereo', "Legacy AC'97" or something along those lines?

    If that doesn't work:

    Is a screw stuck behind your motherboard? Do you have too many mounting posts behind the motherboard (in places with no screw holes?)?

    Can you plug speakers or headphones into the rear port and they function no problem?
  2. I had to set my front I/O to use the 'Legacy AC'97' instead of the HD audio. With the HD Audio my sound would stop working when I plugged in my headphones and I would have to restart my computer to get it back. Now there is no issue with it set on Legacy AC...
  3. Sadly I went the AC'97 legacy route yesterday and havn't had any problems... Kinda bugs me how severe the crashes were with the hd setup...
  4. You got it worked out though. That's good. It's not unusual that the PC would crash with the incorrect setting, so it's really nothing to worry about.
  5. Quote:
    It's not unusual that the PC would crash with the incorrect setting, so it's really nothing to worry about.

    Thats not right at all. I downgraded from the hd input to the older legacy version. The way you worded this makes it sound like I didn't have support for the HD audio I was trying to use. Wich is supported by both the motherboard and the case.

    Fact is I can't see what... If anything was set up incorrectly. I had the hd audio input going to the right spot on the motherboard with all the pins matched up correctly. Also had the bios configured for HD audio. For some reason Crashed hard the second any metal would touch the jack.

    Now I have the AC'97 audio cable in with the bios set to 97 and it works yes... But its more of a work around than a actual solution.
  6. What kind of case do you have?

    This all goes back to the fact that just about every case doesn't offer support for HD audio off the front jacks. If your case doesn't have HD audio off the front ports, they aren't going to work. If you set your BIOS for HD it will try to work and fail. Do you have 6 3.5mm audio jacks on the front of your case, coax audio or optical audio outputs on the front of your case? If you don't, your case can't facilitate HD audio through the front ports. This is why the AC'97 setting is the correct setting for your front audio.

    You described the jacks on the front of your case as a headphone jack and a microphone jack (both 3.5 mm stereo connections). These are not HD audio connections. AC'97 audio is not really a workaround. It's just what your case can accommodate.

    When your trying to send electrical signals to ports not meant to handle them (HD sound to analog ports), shorts can occur.
  7. Case is a coolermaster HAF 912.

    I do have the 6 3.5's in the back of the system. But the front has the Mic and single headphone jack.

    The case has 2 audio plugs for the motherboard coming from the front I/o, one for ac'97 and one for the hd audio. This made me assume that this was a hd headphone jack.
  8. Nice case. I just spec'd it out.

    Is it working well for you now?
  9. AC'97 audio is working but not the hd. From responses on the cooler master forums and emails from support most seem to think I have a defective I/O panel. So filled out a parts order and will see what happens next.
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