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Can anyone link my to a webpage about this? I have been having problems with my card, and I was told that it was probably overheating. I took the card out for about a month..but decided to give it another go today...So I cleaned out the fan on it, and the dust under it...popped it in, and I'm not sure what temperature is considered high, but I've seen it around 48 degrees Celsius while watching a video. I figured I'd play it safe and set the fan higher, except I have no clue how this works..and if i set it to say 65%, then when playing games will it spin as fast as it needs to? Thanks!
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  1. What is your card?
    How old?
    48'C when watching video is very normal, no need to set the fan manually, just let it auto.
    What about the temps when it's on full load (gaming)?
  2. bro i'm kinda havin a near problem to urs so i downloaded the "speedfan" software, well it didn't really help me but it might work for u so try it , try this link :
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