I purchased an ASUS gtx 580 card...but it did not seem to fit onto my ASUS P5K Mobo...hits the SATA connections...any remedy for this?

Can I put in something like a raid card...or a card to replace the onboard SATA connections and run my drives through the card thus creating the necessary clearance for the card?

Or will the GTX 580 work in the back PCI slot on an ASUS P5K MoBo?

Thanks ahead of time to any and all responses....
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  1. First of all, what CPU do you have?

    The GPU will only run properly in the x16 PCI-e port(usually the top most port under the processor.
  2. Which ASUS GTX580 card do you have, the MATRIX GTX580/2DIS/1536MD5 or the MATRIX GTX580 P/2DIS/1536MD5 or the ENGTX580 DCII/2DIS/1536MD5 or the ENGTX580/2DI/1536MD5?

    I can see the first three models, that are triple slot width cards, will obstruct the red SATA connectors when the graphics card is in the Primary PCIe x16 blue slot of the P5K.

    You can try placing the graphics card in the secondary PCIe x4 slot to see if the system POST's. I can see it obstructing the front panel header and Clear RTC RAM jumper when using this slot along with a considerable drop in PCIe bandwidth.
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