I read every post...but still i wanna know for my specs...pls

hi[:-)]...i am lokin for graphics card b/w 3-5k. and my desktop confg is
pentium dual-core @3ghz
2 gb ddr3 ram
windows 7 ulitmate(32bit)

i am lokin forward 2 play f1 2010,dirt 2,nfs hot pursuit,....etc

plz help me... i am desperately lokin fwd 2 dis...!!


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  1. b/w means between? 3-5k dollars????? That... can't be right. What currency?
  2. That's in Indian Rupees. I think that you can get a HD 5670 512mb for that price.
  3. and the mother board i am using is P5G41T-M LX
  4. Yeah looks like a 5670 or a GT 240. If you can wait, just keep looking around and you might find a sale for a 5750 or even a GT 250 or 260 at that price.
  5. and the mother board i am using is asus P5G41T-M LX
    5670 and gt 240.... culd u be more specific as becoz i m poor in comp hardware...
    is it xfx ati randeon hd 5670 or ATI Radeon HD 5670 or Nvidia GT 240 and wat about
    Gigabyte GV-N98TSL-1GI graphics card(based on 9800 gt).
    can u pls give me the order of decreasing preference...!!pls.
  6. hey i also want the same as you i would suggest you hd 5670 or 9800gt,if you dont give a damn about dx11 get 9800gt for sure,or even 8800gt since they are both same,try to find 8800gt.otherwise 9800gt or hd 5670 will do fine.
  7. brand never matters buy whatever you want,nothing left to worry about brand,they will all do same,what resolution you have?
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    XFX is just a brand name. You can't actually buy an "ATI" card, they're all made by brands like XFX, HIS, Sapphire, PNY, MSI etc... doesn't really matter which you buy because they're all the same card. Biggest difference is usually the cooling. Same goes for Nvidia cards.
    9800GT is fine, it's basically the same as a GT240 just older. I'd take the 240 over a 9800.
  9. oh common now gt 240 has 96 cores and 54.4gb bandwidth however 9800gt has 112 cores and 57.6 memory bandwidth.9800gt is even better and its good for everygame as its recommended in today's current games.
  10. I suppose you're right, however, I did a quick look at Newegg for GPUs based on price and there's a GTX250 for the same price as a 9800GT, both of which are slightly above his max amount. Ulitmately OP should just get the fastest he can afford... maybe use this as a reference:
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