Replace SATA conncections on MOBO with raid type of card?

I purchased an ASUS gtx 580 card...but it did not seem to fit onto my ASUS P5K Mobo...hits the SATA connections...any remedy for this?

Can I put in something like a raid card...or a card to replace the onboard SATA connections and run my drives through the card thus creating the necessary clearance for the card?

Or will the GTX 580 work in the back PCI slot on an ASUS P5K MoBo?

Thanks ahead of time to any and all responses....
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  1. You can purchase right-angled SATA connectors, have you tried looking into getting one of those? It would be much cheaper than a RAID card.

    Edit: At 3$ and SATA 3 cable you can't go wrong.

    Edit 2: For some reason I can't visualize your GPU covering your SATA ports. Does it literally cover the sata port, or would there be enough room for a right angled SATA cable?
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