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I've Asus M4N68T-M motherboard. 500 GB Sata II HDD and 2 GB DDR3 Rams. I bought EAH4670 1GB DDR3 Graphic Card (PCI-E) today and put it on the board. But it didn't work. My O/B GPU was still working. When I put the cable to EAH4670 the pc working but no screen. Just black screen.

In the bios>Adventage it shows Primary PCI-E>PCI>IGP

I tried all choosen but didn't work.

Anyone can help me?
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  1. What's your power supply?
  2. High Power Model HPC-450-H12S 450Watt.
  3. Just want to make sure, you are connecting both 6 pin power connectors to the video card?
  4. EAH4670 doesn't need a power connector.

    VGA Chipset ATI
    VGA Chipset Model HD4670
    VGA Slot PCI Express 2.0
    Memory (RAM) Capasity 1 GB
    GDDR 3
    Memory Speed 1600Mhz
    128 Bit
    Core Speed 750Mhz
    Screen Connection DVI / Analog / HDMI

    It's weird because if I plug it, pc starts so slow. I mean about 15-20 seconds later after I push the power button. Pc starts but no screen. Just black screen. I change the screen adaptor to HD4670 to O/B while pc running and it shows me the windows screen. I'm not sure that the Hd4670(which I bought) works correctly.

    But well, I thought to give it back. Today I will do it. Will buy an other graphic card about same prices.
  5. Fixed the problem.
    The Asus HD4670 1 GB DDR3 Graphic Card distorted. I gave it back and bought HD5570 with paying 1 more dolar ^^

    Now I'm installing its latest drivers. Seems quite fine. Need to test it with games.

    Thanks who read and answered.
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