Building A Crysis 2 Ready Gpu In $100

i am looking to have a crysis 2 ready gpu in $100.
i have following:
Intel E5200 @3.33ghz
2gb Ram Corsair 800mhz
Msi g31-p21
reply soon.
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  1. You aren't going to do better than the GTS 450 for around $100.
  2. anything different?
  3. If you aren't in the US it may be hard to find the GTS 450 on that budget. If so look at the GTS 250 and the HD4850, maybe the HD4770. If they are still too much then you'll have to go down a notch to the 9800GT or HD5670.
  4. i dont want dx10 becuz i already have a hd 3870,which i sold in $50 and added $50 to make it $100,however i live in pakistan.

    its already been answered... for ya, we spent 2 days answering alot of quetions seemed the best bet was a 5670 as you wanted dx11

    for 100 bucks it seems liek the most powerful card you cna get but for some reason you decided ati was bad and keep commenting about how nvidia is better in other forums without adding to why beyons sayign things like "5770 not good because no dx11 or physx" when it is dx11 >_<

    just letting ya knwo what you're getting into here jyjjy :D
  6. common ati just sucks,i am waiting for nvidia to do magic and kick ati from this gpu fight.
  7. or i might get hd 5670,but its dx11 performance is not so good,but will it do it on 1024 x 768 with settings on high and 35+fps?
  8. at that resolution a 5670 should do well yes

    the problem in your search is the perfect nvidia card for you is a gts 440 but nvidia decided to only sell 440's to oem.

    they have a hoel in thier lineup, you fall into that hole unfortunatly :(

    the 5670 is not a powerful card, btu really at 1024 x 768 you don't need that much power. 5670 is the best option you have unless you're willing to sacrifice dx11
  9. ok so should i wait,i think that nvidia will be making a gt 550 in $100 with 512mb memory to answer hd 5670?
  10. Yeah, you are either going to need to spend more for a GTS 450 or go with an HD5670.
    You can wait for Nvidia to release something between the GTS 450 and the GT 430 but you may be waiting a long while.
  11. yeah good point,i think i should look into hd 5750 512mb
  12. Yeah, that's a good choice if it is in your price range.
  13. when they release the 550 which will be a few months if you can wait that liong i bet the 450's will get down to around a hundred bucks. if you were in the us, you could already find a 450 for a hundred after rebate
  14. but its in $139 here.thats expensive in Pakistan,i mean 12000 rupees.
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