New case help! URGENT!

I i recently got my case the cooler master haf 912 case and i have a but of trouble. I installed the motherboard (should i make sure the screws are very tight?) in the case. My motherboard is a Pegatron Corporation Benicia 1.01, and i dont know where to plug in the jumper cables (like to make the front leds, power reset buttons and usbs). I cant find the mauel i think someone may have thrown them out! I dont know what to do!I dont know where to putthe cables in, well i know what panel it is but i dont know how to put to cables in like which jumper goes into which pin! the only one i managed to turn on was the power button. Can some please help me get this to work it will be greatly appriciated.
These are the jumper cables i have (i dont know i think that is what they are called)
Pwr switch 2 pins go in that one
reset switch 2 pins go in that one
HDD led 2 pins go in that one.
And 2 single pin led cables!
and where do i plug the usb think in?, do i have to install like a driver with it or something? cant seem to get it to work!
I think that is my mobo.
It is a mobo from a hp computer
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  1. MB screws only need to just a touch more than finger tight.
    Too tight, and you might crack the PCB of the motherboard.

    Get a bright light and a magnifying glass and see if the front panel header block has printed.
  2. it does say a few things, at the bottom it ssays hold reset
    i can make out a few things like PWRBTN, i think that is power button lol. and i think something else says pled, but that about all that says there.
  3. Pled would be the case power led light.
    Reset button. Is the hold actually hdld for hard disk led?
  4. If you need the PC to finish your homework then the only think you need from the front panel on the case right now is the power button to work. If you've got that much then close up the case, finish your homework, and mess with the rest later.
  5. i got the power working now the big issue. My usb ports dont work.. front or back .
  6. Front panel USB ports should connect to the USB headers down in the area where the SATA and other front panel header connectors are located.

    Rear USB ports are directly wired into the motherboard. What USB devices have you tested?
  7. i tested my usb stick and nothing, i treid connecting my ipod nothing. BUT the wierd thing is that when i connect my printer, it works. I am so confused.
  8. Your USB ports are working.
    Not sure what is up with the thumb drive and iPod.
    What else can you use to test the USB ports? Keyboard? Mouse?
  9. lemme see what i can find. also it does not show me the drives of the front 2 usb ports like itususally would if you open computer tab. Also the thumb drive and ipod cable both work on my other computer. Is there a chance that it changed in the bios. another thing i tihink ou should know is that i changed my computer case.
  10. sweet i got another thumb drive to work on the back. and the front.. LMAO WOW ! what are the chances that the 2 deviced i tested were broken.
  11. They might start working again if they tested OK in another system.
    Keep on testing them every so often.

    What case did you change out to?
  12. i think when i pluged the cable to the wrong hole in my mobo it might have broken the two devices now i need a new ipod charger..
  13. i changed to a coolermaster haf 912 got it real cheap.
  14. what graphics card you reccomend i get for my pc i have a q8200 processsor 4 gigs of fast ram can i can add 2 gigs of slower ram. i dont wanna pay to much and i wanna have a great card
  15. What RAM is the 4GB? What is the 2GB?

    What do you want to do with the video card? HTPC? Gaming?
    What size power supply do you have.
    What's the resolution of your monitor?
  16. i have 22inch monitor with a native of 1600 x 1050
    700 watt cooler master psu
    I currently have the 9500 gs
    i have 4 gigs of some nice ddr2 ram, then i also have another 2 gigs of older slower ram but i didnt put those in cuz i thought it was affecting my performance.
  17. Mixing fast and slow RAM usually has the effect of making it all run slow.

    With a 1680x1050 monitor something like a GeForce GTS 450 or HD 5770 would do nicely.
    Either one will be a nice upgrade over the 9500GS.

    What's your budget for the video card? The PSU can support the $300+ video cards.
  18. i know i got the psu for sale to, i cant return it anyways cuz i opened the box. cost me 50 bucks
    Is gtx 460 in the running? I actually had one here are my benchmarks for it.
    I am considering getting a galaxy one that costs 150 or a msi twinfrozer one that costs 160.
  19. Sure, plenty of power for a GTX 460 (1GB models preferred over the 768MBs),
    GTX 560 ti or HD 6850/6870 or HD 5850
  20. lol this is the card i wanna get what you think
    But i got to wait to see if they gonna restock it..
    I need a plan b though in case they dont, what card do recommend? post a link if you can!
  21. I can see why it sold out. A great price of a 1GB GTX 460.
  22. i actually had
    but ended up paying 290 for it lol , so i returned it. its to expensive for me.
    Hm how are palit gpus i never owned one. Do they overclock well?
  23. also, is there a way to make my usb and charger work again lol?
  24. Do either of them still work on the other computer?
  25. another question, would this card be good suit for my system, seems like a good deal.
  26. It's a good deal. The HD 6850's perform somewhere between the HD 5770 and HD 5850.
  27. k thank i just might get it!
    do you think that i will my devices will start working again?
    Is there a way t fix them?
  28. Does the charger have a reset button? If not visit the MFGR website and see what they have for tech support help.

    If your USB thumb drive isn't working on a known good USB port I'm not sure what you'd do to try and fix it.

    The only thing I can think of is that a wrong USB hookup sent power down a data line which might have harmed the electronics.
  29. yea thats what i think happened
  30. I didn't even know that could happen but it seems the only explanation that fits what happened.
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