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Hi guys

I have been looking for a while to get a fan controller and i was wondering what ones people recomend. Im either looking for a 2 bay or 1 bay and touchscreen is preferable. Aerocool modern v or Aerocool v12xt http://www.aerocool.us/peripheral/v12xt.htm are interesting me at the moment.
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  1. I prefer the below, as it looks more stylish and classier, they also work very well to.

    NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller = £47

    NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller, Black, Double Decker needs 2 x 5.25" Bays

  2. I wont touch NZXT, 2 failed for me already, they have also relatively weak output and limited control over rpm.

    I would sugest something more professional like:
  3. I have 3 of NZXT and all work brilliantly.
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