HD6870 Xfire + Nvidia physx

Hi guys i just got my second hd6870 today and setup xfire, i looked in my parts draw and see that i had an old geforce 9600 in there so i fort i would play around abit and see if i could get it working as a PHYSX card & to my suprise i got it working first time with great results beating NVIDIA GTX 580 by 4000 points in 3dmark vantage.

if you want to know how i got physx working just ASK.

My system...
Gigabyte UD3 motherboard
intel i7 920 @ 3.6ghz
2x HD6870
1x geforce 9600 gso
6GB Patrio viper extreme
2x 500GB hdd in raid 0
750w commador extreme gamer PSU
h50 water cooler

results are in...
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  1. Nice! This is my plan as well! I am glad to see that others are having luck with it!! Hope you enjoy it.

    P.S. I very well might bet shooting you a message soon for some advice.
  2. ok buddy no problem if you need any help getting physx working just drop me a message.
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