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I'm not quite sure what I should do, here is my situation. I can purchase a used Asus G73JH-BST7 for $800. The other option would to build my own or order from Cyberpower PC, or Ibuildpower. If anyone has any good setups that I could make that is better than this laptop please let me know what parts. I am open to either a laptop or desktop, but I will likely be hooking either one up to a monitor. I would like to be able to play Starcraft 2 on Ultra, that would be the main use. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Here is a link to where my friend bought it from:;jsessionid=9EB9AD5B267B9616586677CDDB607354.bbolsp-app02-33?id=1218243761956&skuId=1257894&st=asus%20g73jw&cp=1&lp=1
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  1. No, you can do better than that with $900. In fact, you can get a mid-range gaming rig with that budget. The first thing you need to know about laptops is that the cpu won't always run at advertised speed in order to save on battery. You can use some tool to force the cpu to work hardest, but the battery won't last very long. Def. not the advertised time.

    So get a desktop gaming pc.

    What's the usage, apps, software, games, monitor resolution, etc? What do you need & not need? Keyb/mouse/OS? Help us help you.
  2. The main usage would be for the occasional gaming, and school work. Looking to play Starcraft 2 and such other games at the highest quality setting's. I'm looking for 1920x1080 resolution. Any version of Windows 7 will do. I need to be able to run multiple windows without any delay's. If i'm going to be doing a desktop, I will need a monitor and a keyboard. A 20" screen or so would do fine. Truthfully I just want a computer that can handle anything I throw at it, although i'm not as tech knowledgeable as people on the forums I have a better understanding than most average consumers. Excited to see what setups you guys throw at me :).
  3. when do you need the computer? If you can wait 4-6 weeks, Sandy Bridge and Zambezi processors will be out, and a Sandy Bridge system with solid GPU power (6870/560) can run about $700-750, leaving plenty for monitor and keyboard.

    Zambezi should be in Sandy Bridge's neighborhood, too.
  4. I am able to wait. Although are the processors you spoke of rumored or confirmed with a release date? The sooner I have the computer the better.
  5. Sandy Bridge was released,but was recalled due to a flaw in the motherboards, should be back on shelves in late March/Early April. Zambezi is due out in March/April
  6. If you can wait, you really should.

    Otherwise, here's a $917 build that includes a monitor:

    Also, check out aznshinobi's site:

    But you REALLY should wait.
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    Almost all computers can handle multiple windows at the same time, but their speeds won't be the same unless you set the priority in task manager. By default, the active window will get the highest speed. With quad-core i7 2x00, you can run 4 apps at the same speed.

    FYI, Intel already started shipping fixed H67/P67 chipsets to laptop/mobo manufacturers. They may be in stock soon. I think March. As soon as they're in stock, you can buy 'em. Don't worry about the SATA flaw.
  8. Indeed, the mobos will likely be in stock again March. April/May time will be when people with the old boards will be able to get replacements (this is my estimate not based on fact)
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