HD5870 vs 6870 vs 6950? Thanks :)

Hello everyone hope that you are all well and feeling the christmas cheer! :kaola:

I am upgrading my monitor to 1980 x 1080 23 inch LG one :) and also I'm going to treat my self to an upgrade from the HD5770 which I am going to sell for about £90.

I really am not sure about which graphics cards are better than others with the new 6series. I know that HD 5870 is a beast though! I found an XFX one for about £200 from overclockers.co.uk, but are either the HD6870 or 6950 better? my budget is around £200 give or take a little. I do have the possiblity to crossfire on my motherboard as it has 8x/8x pci express slots, but I would have to upgrade my PSU before I did, but It it defiantly a future consideration for an upgrade :)

Please let me know of the pro's and con's of each card and what one out of the three is the best ( or any other card out there ) I do however have a parts preference of ATI. I will be purchasing this card before the year is out.

Thanks for your help

(P.s my system specs are in my sig, cheers :P )
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  1. hd 5870 is way to go,however a gtx 460 will do everything fine at gaming.
  2. The HD6950 is slightly faster than the HD5870. It also has more memory, more overclocking headroom, much better crossfire scaling and more current A/V features. It's worth the extra £20 IMO.
  3. ^+1
    Another vote for HD6950. :)
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