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I've got a HP Pavillion m1190.uk tower that has worked fine for years and then suddenly it black screened on me on startup the other day and even though it seems to be working. Power is ok main fans working cd/dvd drives working and all lights showing the F1904 monitor just goes to sleep. I have attempted to access the bios (does anyone know what version of the bios it was using?) but none of the HP recommended actions seem to make a difference. I attempted to boot from the system recovery discs to no avail. The monitor is fine (i'm using it now on another PC). I've cleaned and reseated the video card.

Looking around the net it seems that I'm not the first person to have this problem with HP Pavilions but I'm not sure whether the solutions proposed elsewhere can be applied to an M1190 (they refer to other models).

So can anyone help?
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  1. so all the fans spin yes?You were using this monitor for sometime before this happened?
    And if you press the power switch no display on your monitor?
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