Building my first computer, need advice

Approximate Purchase Date: mid to late summer 2011
Budget Range: $1000-$1200
System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet
Parts Not Required: --
Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
Country of Origin: USA
Parts Preferences: by brand or type: Intel CPU
Overclocking: Maybe
SLI or Crossfire: Maybe
Monitor Resolution: whatever a 19" monitor can do that costs ~$130
Additional Comments: I am a comp. laymen still learning all this stuff

I have been pouring through this site reading all I can to try and learn everything I can. First a little background on what ya'll are dealing with.

I have always had low end comps. from dell or walmart. For instance my main comp. now is an AMD Anthlon 2850e from walmart i bought about a year ago. Before that i had a dell 4700 series stock with an 80gb HD w/ a CRT 17" monitor. So to say I am behind the times is putting it mildly.

Reading this site I see people talking about FPS's on games of 100ish and resolution I didnt even know existed. Lets just say for years I have been playing games on the lowest setting and a good FPS for me is 15 to 20 in WoW in a 1200ishx900ish resolution, heck sometimes 800x600.

Now that ya'll have the background here is what I need help on. I have read tecmo34's "recommended builds by useage" and I just have a couple questions.

First i am looking at his $1,100 gaming build. With those components plus the below items, is this all i would need for a complete build?

windows 7 OS -64 bit

I have a router but do I need to buy the device the ethernet cable hooks into on the comp. for internet access? or does that come on another piece of hardware i am already going to buy? sorry I dont know the technical name for it. Am i missing anything?

Also let me say, acceptable gaming performace for me would probably be 30 to 50 fps on the best reso a 19" monitor can get me. So if you see me needing to tweak tecmo34's build please just let me know what i should change. I'd like to keep the CPU and MOBO if possible so in the future i could upgrade to dual graphics cards.

Any input on this and other pointers would be appriceated.
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  1. Check out my website, I think that the 600$ build would work for your resolution. You don't really need a 1000$ build.

    If you want a 1000$ build, you really should just get a bigger monitor resolution because at such a low res. A 150$ card could easily max out any game even crysis at that resolution. To powerful of a card would bottleneck. So you got to balance the power in a sense.

    Anyways just check out the 600$ build in my sig.
  2. Dude--I was gonna list your site to save myself time!

    Anyways OP, come back when you're ready to build because parts and prices will change. But a computer doesn't have to cost $1000. My current one was only like $700 and that's because I wasted some money. My last one was $360.
  3. Haha why thank you dalauder. Sorry couldn't help your friend out with the 555. Gotta keep it for meh dad. Maybe if he wants an upgrade. That's not likely though.
  4. I do up non enthusiast res/settings cheapo WOW/SC2 boxes all the time and something like

    Rana X3
    HD 4800 series/GTS 250
    80+ 380-500W PSU
    4GB RAM

    would be good to go
  5. Thanks for the input ya''ll. I'm so far behind on computer technology I really didnt know where to start. I'd guess every computer I have ever owned has been a good 10 years behind state of the art. So it's hard to tell what i need just by the component description.
  6. Just check out my link it'll give you'll need to understand each part.
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