Hey everyone ,

Ive always used this site as a trust worth source for all sorts of information / tools , ive had to resort to posting here due to having a extremely annoying issue with my ISP.

About 3 weeks ago , i forgot to pay my internet bill , and i was disconnected from the internet , its all be cleared up now , but once i was reconnected i found myself experiencing triple the latency i was getting prior to being disconnected , everyone was fine before that.

Ive have a 35 page thread open on the forums , its mostly me suggesting things to them on how to fix the issue , their completely clueless , if i phone up my isp , i get through to a Indian fellow who cant speak a word of English , so my best bet for any kind of results is to contact them directly through the forums.

Ive explained the issue in crystal clear details , my ping was 25ms and has not gone up to 130ms!!! , im on a 2.2mb profile , with 0 interleaving , ive always had interleaving off because it reduces my Latency in game by half , so to rule the issue of interleaving being off causing the issue , i asked them to switch it back on for the day , to rule out. It only made things worse , i woke up this morning , and i was getting 45ms with interleaving on , which was fantastic , that means with it off i would get 25ms! , so they turned it off at my request , and for a soild 10 minutes i was getting 25ms again! =0

Then it went back to 130ms =(

Despite my constant posts and bumps , their only offering me a engineer to come out to my apartment , and i know all hes going to do is check to see if my filters and router is set up correctly , then charge me for it!

Theres no way im having some cowboy look at what i already know and then take money off me for it.

So ive come here for advice on how to handle my ISP , changing to a new ISP , is out of the question , for private reasons.

The fact of the matter is , ive had no issues up till now in all honesty.

Ive not infected , i built this machine myself , and designed it specifically around gaming , my rig has been fully formatted and optimized to best suit my gaming needs , so im no idiot.

Please please help me!
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  3. Who is your ISP? I have TWC, and an easy way to get to the guru's is to say you have a VOIP issue. This bypasses L1 and L2 outsourced people, and gets you right to L3... If you use a different ISP, it might be different...

    When I get into situations like this to prove there is an issue I run from cmd "ping -t > c:\yahoo.txt" then a second "ping -t > c:\google.txt". Then "tracert > c:\Tyahoo.txt" and "tracert > c:\Tgoogle.txt"
    **Ctrl+c will stop the ping**

    then I watch the pings for a while, when they get really bad I will run the tracerts again but change the name to T1Yahoo.txt ect ect... This way it will show you and the ISP where the hold up is. And if its on one of their routers... hm what do to...

    needless to say I have batch files waiting to fire off, this latency issue I have seen quite a few times... but over all I like TWC's service compared to what is available to me in my area :).

    Or you could have a bad modem, MAKE them replace it, and just ask to exchange it at one of their stores. B/c who wants to wait for shipping...? Not me!
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