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i work in a small company of 30 ppl. we need a server to operate. i dont know what is best on the market. can someone help me please?
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  1. Too much depends on what you need the server to do, I suggest bringing in a professional/consultant. Even something as simple as a file server brings up more complex issues; How important are the files on it? Will you need raid10, 5, 6? How important is the server? What if it breaks down, Do you need a reduntant power supplies or a redundant/backup server? What about backups of the server? Do you need a tape controller/drive and lots of tapes? Which kind? Where to store the offsite backups...
  2. Agreed with Popatim. So much more info is needed that I couldn't begin to try to answer this question. A file server will look a lot different then a SQL server.
  3. this is going to be a file, and printer server. i dont know what is best to have in terms of specs. as for specs. we requested a qoute for:
    This server will be used for all kinds of roles. More than 25 PCs will be connected together through an Active Directory meaning that the server must cater as a domain controller and a backup server. The type of backups are mainly just files storage on the server so that everyone on the network can access these files. This server will also act as a print server (total of 4 printers). The minimum acceptable specifications are:

    Quad Core CPU
    Minimum two RAID hard drives, minimum capacity 1Tb each
    4GB RAM DDR3

    The OS we are after is Microsoft Server 2008 OS.

    We may be using a recking, enclosure, and an external HD for backup purposes.

    Is this enough? Should we raise the specs to ensure performance? From what is listed above are there any flaws? (like any server problems)

    Thanks again for your time
  4. Quad core should be more then enough for a file/print server. I'd probably go to one of the dual with HT Sandy Bridge (SB) chips and move up to 8GBs of ram. You probably want to setup some sort of RAID 5 or 6 array, but with many smaller drives. Five 500GB drives in a RAID 5 would give you the same amount of space, but with much better through put. (and fault tolerance as opposed to your AID0 array.)

    I'd also be concerned about your network. Can it handle 30 people?
  5. thanks for the reply. thats why im asking. i need an advise whether such specs would be sufficient to handle 30ppl. if you would be so kind, i would really appreciate it.
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