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Hello, I want to buy a notebook and it has this Intel UMA HM55 video card. Is it good? I actually need i video card that can support a game which minimum requirements are 512mb video card. Will it handdle it? Thanks
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  1. Not at all. Intel chipsets do not game well, at all.

    Which game are you looking at playing?
  2. Agree^
    What game?
    Can you be more specific about that notebook?
  3. I want to play Civilization 5

    The notebook is core i5, 6gb RAM, 500HD, Intel UMA HM55 video card
  4. Intel graphics won't play anything. I tried playing Command & Conquer Tiberium on an Intel GMA 4500 once. LOL It was literally unplayable at the lowest settings. Horrid...

    For CIV 5 especially, you're going to need an actual 'discrete' GPU built in.
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