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Case for CrossFire 6870s?

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February 17, 2011 8:31:54 AM

Hey guys,

I am thinking of doing an upgrade from my Nvidea 9600GT as it is getting a little old. I am thinking of getting a single ATI HD6870 and then CrossFire'ng that with a second one later on when it starts to get out dated. For reference purposes, I am going to start out with an AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition and OC it. Later I will go to one of the 6-Core AM3 CPUs.

I do not know if my Antec 200 will be able to house such enormity.

So I have thrown together a list of possibilities:
Antec DF-30 $115
Antec DF-35 $123
Antec 902 $118
CoolerMaster RC-922M $128
CoolerMaster RC 692 $115
ThermalTake V9 $104
Thermaltake Soprano DX $144
ThermalTake Armor A90 $95

I understand that this is a relatively large list though I want to keep my options open. I am willing to spend under $150 on a case and I want something that will accommodate both of my ATI 6870s and keep everything cool. Is there much between the cases in the sense of cooling or is it just asthetics?


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February 17, 2011 9:47:18 AM

Klosteral said:
Hey guys,

I am thinking of doing an upgrade from my Nvidea 9600GT as it is getting a little old. I am thinking of getting a single ATI HD6870 and then CrossFire'ng that with a second one later on when it starts to get out dated. For reference purposes, I am going to start out with an AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition and OC it. Later I will go to one of the 6-Core AM3 CPUs.

I do not know if my Antec 200 will be able to house such enormity.

So I have thrown together a list of possibilities:
Antec DF-30 $115
Antec DF-35 $123
Antec 902 $118
CoolerMaster RC-922M $128
CoolerMaster RC 692 $115
ThermalTake V9 $104
Thermaltake Soprano DX $144
ThermalTake Armor A90 $95

I understand that this is a relatively large list though I want to keep my options open. I am willing to spend under $150 on a case and I want something that will accommodate both of my ATI 6870s and keep everything cool. Is there much between the cases in the sense of cooling or is it just asthetics?

Hi Klosteral :hello:  ...I would go for sure with the CoolerMaster RC 692 at $115-00 cents :)  ...In fact I would go for the model number that I will give you as you will get more air movement & it has more fans & also a 80mm x 80mm x 15mm fan right behind or underneath the cpu socket area for cooling underneath your processor :ange:  ...The exact CoolerMaster Model #RC-692-KKN2 & you'll will not go wrong at all ;)  :)  ...I have one also :)  ...
February 17, 2011 9:51:33 AM

Oh crap. I thought I checked stocks on all of the cases; I must have skipped that one. It is out of stock from my store...
Out of the rest, are there any others that could be good? Like the CM-Scout or 922M by CoolerMaster?

Also, I have realised that I have not included any AeroCool cases in my lists, though I will accept them as well.

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February 17, 2011 10:03:46 AM

Klosteral said:
Oh crap. I thought I checked stocks on all of the cases; I must have skipped that one. It is out of stock from my store...
Out of the rest, are there any others that could be good? Like the CM-Scout or 922M by CoolerMaster?

Also, I have realised that I have not included any AeroCool cases in my lists, though I will accept them as well.


Hi once again Klosteral :hello:  ...I do not know where you live,but I live in Sydney,Australia & at D & D Computers they have it there for $127- approximately...Do not forget though that in Sydney it is a fairly expensive place to live & to buy in also :fou:  ...If you have to,maybe you should not worry about buying online & having it shipped to your address,also ask them to add insurance to the parcel when they ship it :)  ...Also that D & D Computer online store was offline for a while,so just to be safe check to see if it is back online ;)  ...
February 17, 2011 10:09:48 AM

Klosteral said:
Oh crap. I thought I checked stocks on all of the cases; I must have skipped that one. It is out of stock from my store...
Out of the rest, are there any others that could be good? Like the CM-Scout or 922M by CoolerMaster?

Also, I have realised that I have not included any AeroCool cases in my lists, though I will accept them as well.


Hi once again Klosteral :hello:  ...Which country do you live in :)  ...
February 17, 2011 11:16:06 AM

Perth, Australia, so my prefered retailers are:
The latter has the cheaper cases and PSUs by far. Also the greater range.

Finally, another Aussie on the forums :D 

February 17, 2011 11:26:41 AM

Klosteral said:
Perth, Australia, so my prefered retailers are:
The latter has the cheaper cases and PSUs by far. Also the greater range.

Finally, another Aussie on the forums :D 


Hi...D & D Computers are at South Straithfield in the Sydney area...Shipping to W.A. will probably be more than I think,but try them :) ...
February 18, 2011 7:43:11 AM

I had a look at that site. Their RC-692 is $127, already more than $10 more than buying from MSY. National shipping would cost considerably more, too. Are you sure there is nothing else I could get from my list?
February 18, 2011 7:49:49 AM

HAF 932/ HAF 922 both excellent.

The Fractal R3 is nice if you like a clean look also - but you need to add a few extra 120mm fans to get the cooling to a HAF 932 / 922 level
(1 option front, 1 option side, 2 optional top, 1 optional bottom from memory)
February 18, 2011 7:52:04 AM

Also keep in mind the x4 965 even at 4.0ghz will bottleneck 6870 crossfire - mine certainly did in Crysis @ 1920x1200 (till I got a 2600k)

As will the x6
February 18, 2011 8:10:28 AM

Regarding the cases you listed, i'd say instead of those, go for the raven 02 E black w/ window or the raven 02 first edition black w/ window too & 8 expansion slots. The cases you mentioned will cost the $150 budget you have but they will not truly cool the cards you're planning to have & the components in it. The cases you listed, for w/c i'm sure you'll add/buy some fans if you really want to cool all your components. But for the additional $30/$40, the raven is a case designed to really cool "everything" you'll have from the get go, no need for additional fans. Search for some reviews & you'll know what i'm talking about.

But I hope it's available in your country!
February 18, 2011 8:25:16 AM

Personally over the Raven i'd be going a Fractal R3 ($145) w/ a 5 Pack of Nexus Real Silents ($49$ - they're Yate Loon low speeds) for 6$ cheaper than the Raven. (In AUS anyway)

Move the included fractal rear fan to the join the other in the front, and then put the Nexus's in Rear, 2x Top, 1x Side, 1x Bottom.


But since all of these are out of your budget grab the HAF 932 and enjoy!

February 18, 2011 11:10:52 PM

Wow thanks for the rapid input.

I am really only going to accept cases and prices from (NetPlus is rather expensive) and I am not about to have anything shipped to me.

I understand that my CPU may bottleneck CrossFire'd HD6870s but the reason I have said that is because I plan to start with only one, then upgrade later. I am getting a ThermalTake 875W PSU as well to accommodate this future upgrade.

I am going to start with an x4 955BE and overclock that, then later go for one of the x6 1100T processors (maybe they will have come down in price?). I am not unwilling to go Intel at this stage but I am wondering if the extra $100 on the CPU and $50 on the motherboard is really worth it; at the moment I do not think so.

My Antec 200 has the following fans:
1 x 120mm (stock)
1 x 140mm (stock)
3 x 120mm R/LED (optional)

And if I get a new case I am almost definetely going to use all of these fans so "out-of-the-box" cooling as described for the Raven is not really necessary.

I am leaning towards either the CoolerMaster RC-922M or the Antec DF-35. They are both about the same size and have similar fan placements etc. Is there much difference between the two? If not, I will go with the 922 because it has the side-loading HDD bay as opposed to the standard rear-loading bay on the DF-35.

February 19, 2011 4:11:21 AM

I'm telling you, the Haf 922 & Df-35 is still no match for the raven02 even if you transfer the fans from your antec 200. The raven02 will still beat it in terms of the temps on your parts.
February 19, 2011 4:35:24 AM

I hear what you are saying about the raven but I am not about to spend more than $200 on a case. Heck, I want to keep it under $150.

I want something that will fit my needs. I am willing to consider any brand, any design, any colour. I just want it to fit my budget. It doesn't matter if it is Antec, CoolerMaster, AeroCool, Fractal etc I just need a case for two 6870s.

February 19, 2011 7:14:40 AM

Then, the Haf912 basic or 912Plus, w/c is w/ a black interior or 912Advanced w/c is w/ a side window & black interior is better than the haf 922 w/ the front 200mm front fan(200mm fans are crap, noisier when @ full speed). The cost between those 912s are just $60-$80 & it's lighter, I carry mine to lan parties w/ just one arm, my monitor w/ the other, backpacked accessories, if you're a big guy, it can even fit larger gpus than the 922s. The 120mm/140mm fans that you might transfer to the front of the 912s will cool your components better. But if don't do lan parties then OK, go w/ the 922.
February 19, 2011 7:46:57 AM

I do not do LAN parties, my computer just sits on or under my desk unless I am doing upgrades. I want something big, cool and inexpensive. What is the difference between the 912, 922 and 932 cases? As far as I know, the 912 and 922 are more or less the same and the 932 is a full tower as opposed to a mid-tower. What else is there?

February 19, 2011 3:21:39 PM

I saw the cases on the website where you prefer to buy. I think you should go for the CM 690 II Advanced $124( then transfer the 120mm/140 fans from from your Antec 200. The case is big enough for your plan rig, & I think it's finally in your budget. When I suggested the raven02 I was not being a raven fanboy, i was just trying to help.
February 19, 2011 7:30:26 PM

I would avoid Thermaltake PSUs by the way - grab a Corsair HX750. 95% of the PSUs MSY sells are crap

Also if you go down the AMD path do not upgrade from x4 955 -> x6 1100T down the track. The 1100t is overpriced and a poor performer (except if you video edit), as is the 1090t. The 955 is really as far as an AMD system should be taken for gaming or you're wasting money which should have been spent up front on the far superior 2500k build.

The HAF 932 is slightly bigger than the HAF 922, has an included side fan and is more upgradable w/ extra 120mm fans. The 912 is a big too small for a crossfire build imo, the 932 is the better buy of the lot in my opinion.

Keep in mind that both the 922 and 932 do not include dust filters and you may like
to add a kit like this down the track;

Otherwise the 690 II Advanced is a nice case - just wait till MSY has it in stock or bite the bullet and pay 20$ more for online incl. shipping.

Also remember that cases/power supplies will (if bought correctly) carry over to your next build - buying a good one is a good investment, so don't skimp on either of these.

February 19, 2011 11:01:41 PM

First up, the PSU. As far as I know, the only difference between the Corsair HX-750 and the TX-750 is that the HX is modular while the TX is not. I can live with cables going everywhere if it means it is less pricy ($189 vs $145) and that is from MSY. NetPlus sells the damn things at $209 for a TX-750!

As for the CPU, I am going AMD for two reasons.
1) They fit my budget best.
2) I have heard some of the Sandy Bridge boards have issues. I have currently got a DVD-Burner and two (soon to be three) hard drives in my computer which I plan to transfer into the new one. That is 3-4 drives meaning there is a risk 1 or 2 of them will not work in the new set-up. I will re-evaluate my options when the new boards get sent in.

Cases. It would seem we have narrowed it down to either the HAF 922 (RC-922), HAF 932 (RC-932) or CM 690 II (RC-692). The 922 and 692 are both mid-towers but the 932 is apparently a full tower. After looking at pictures it would seem that all of them have enough room for multiple large graphics cards and such, and the cable management is decent. All I need you to tell me now is which of the three is best value for money?

My current prices are:

Corsair HX-750 $189
Corsair TX-750 $145
Corsair HX-650 $139
Corsair TX-650 $114
AMD Build w/ 955BE: $148 + $133 = $281
Intel Build w/ i5-2400: $209 + $134 = $343
CoolerMaster HAF-922 $128
CoolerMaster HAF-932 $165
CoolerMaster CM-690 II $124

Please tell me which of these combinations is the best value for money. Please keep in mind that I will be starting with a single 6870 and buying a second later on when they come down in price. The AMD board has two PCI-E x16 slots at x8/x8 while the Intel board has two at x16/x4. Will this matter?

February 20, 2011 2:36:57 AM

- 16x4x is rubbish for crossfire you'd need to buy the above as the best cheap option

As for the TX-750 - great choice, and grab a 690 II Advanced if possibly, with the HAF 922 as a close second.

Also the 2400 is a non over-clocking chip, the 2500k is what you want to buy if you decide to spend a bit more on Intel the build.

Budget issues are up to you to decide since it's you cash.

However the 2500k is nearly twice as fast as the 955 (at safe max overclocks of 4.0 955 / 4.8 2500k) for less than double the price. However the AMD system gets its value out of the fact that the Intel won't get utilized fully until a long way down the track when you have GPU horsepower to match (something like GTX 580 SLI or better).

In summary go AMD if you plan to stick with the single 6870 for 18months or so, otherwise the extra money on the Intel system will give you a lot of headroom for further GPU upgrades down the track.

Otherwise a good cheap build x4 955 / decent non-crossfire board / 4gb ram / 6850 w/ Corsair 550w PSU / CM 690 II is your best bet if you're super value orientated, leaving you more cash to put towards an upgrade cycle of every 24months or so
February 20, 2011 4:12:30 AM

I am not really the OC'ng type. I the furthest I hvae gone in terms of additional cooling is adding 3 extra fans to my case. No CPU coolers, not even aftermarket thermal paste. Still, if you think the extra $50 for the 2500K is worth it, then I will see if I can stretch.

I am still wondering what the Sandy Bridge issue could mean to me...
February 20, 2011 5:59:20 AM

Overclocking a 2500k is easy as pie (if you can build a PC you can overclock this chip) - and the x4 955 is almost as easy too. 30$ on a 212+ cooler with either of these is the best 30$ you will spend in your PC.

The 2500k build will be approx 175$ more than a x4 955 build, with similar quality motherboards (in Aus anyway). This cost is only worth it if you are certain that you are going to add the extra 6870 / upgrade your graphics cards every 12months like most of us addicts. The x4 955 will be fine if you plan to stick with the 6870 for 3years before your next complete rebuild.

As for the Sandy Bridge issue - its only a problem if you have multiple hard drives, as the problem only affects about half - 2/3rds of the ports on a typical mobo, and even then the slowdown can take months/years to appear.

Also, all of the major motherboard manufacturers will be offering free exchanges for the revised models that will be released in April. Meaning if you buy now, worst case you have to reassemble/reformat in April. (or whenever the issue becomes a problem for you).

Comparison between the two options;

Overclocking both chips extends the 2500k lead by a long long way.

February 20, 2011 6:55:09 AM

I can understand that I would get the better performance out of the 2500K as it is more expensive and much newer. Also, the larget number of pins (1155 vs 940) means faster data transfer rate between components.

I hear what you say about the ports but I have a computer with two hard drives and I am going to put both of them, as well as my DVD drive and maybe even a fourth drive into my new build. That means that two of them will be at risk of not working.

Could you recommend me some parts from the following stores, for both the Intel and the AMD build. I have been looking and there are some close matches between parts. I also seem to be changing my list every few hours because of this.

February 20, 2011 11:21:58 AM

The MSY PDF drives me crazy and the online system doesn't list all parts, and never used to netplus, these days I use only pccasegear because of cheap express shipping, good stock availability and wide range (I despise MSY and their 'sorry no stock' rubbish / bad service)

Shared Parts;

- Windows 64bit Home Premium
- CM 690 II Advanced
- 4gb (or 8gb max) Gskill Ripjaws (Preferably 1600Mhz CL8, CL7 is overpriced in Aus)
- 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3
- Corsair TX-750 / HX-750 / XFX Black Edition 750
- DVD Burner (Lite On, Samsung, LG, Sony - anything black/cheap basically)
- 6850 / 6870 / 6950 (Depending on budget - all crossfire well)
- 24" 1920x1080 Res Screen (LG / Samsung)
- Keyboard/Mouse to your taste (Sidewinder X6 K/B & X8 Mouse is a great combo for the price, cheap G15 if you can find one)
- Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Cooler

Intel Build;

- 2500k
- Asus P67 Pro / ASrock Extreme4 / ASrock Extreme6 / Gigabyte UD4 (all are great, depends on price / personal preference, but all support 8x8x)

AMD Build;

- x4 955
- Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H / ASrock 890GX Extreme3

As for 4 HDDs, my P67 Pro has 4x unaffected slots - so I'm fine but I'll still be swapping it as soon as the new ones come out, re-buildings simple enough with a large case with rear routed cabling like mine but up to you - if its a big deal rebuilding hold off till late march / early april

February 20, 2011 11:55:14 AM

Ok, thanks.

I already have MS Windows, hard disks, a DVD burner and my input devices. For the sake of it, I have a Pioneer DVD drive, two WD Caviar Green 500GB drives, a Logitech G110 keyboard with a SideWinder x5 mouse. I have two AOC LCD/LED monitors.

As for the MSY reference, I agree with what you say about customer service; it is crap. But their prices are good and I get my parts instantly (as opposed to having them shipped) with no need for additional shipping costs or insurance.

Thanks for your input; I will take this into account and see what comes up. I will go with the Intel build if I can gather the funds but will stick with the AMD if I cannot. I really cannot spend more than $160 on a motherboard and $220 on a CPU at the moment, until I can find money elsewhere.

Thanks again,
February 20, 2011 7:45:48 PM

No worries mate,

Consider buying a faster HDD if you're running windows/your apps on on of your WD Greens, a 7200.12 Seagate or Samsung F3 will be significantly faster - the Greens are just a storage drive for music/movies.

I'd recommend you go with the x4 955 , 8x8x xfire board like a 890GPA-UD3H, 4gb Ripjaws, Hyper 212+ and to save a few more dollars;

-drop the PSU to a TX-650 and grab an HIS 6850 for $187

This way you should be closer to affording the second 6850 sooner, and really 6850 xfire is a monster system that matches or beats a $575 GTX 580 for much less.

Also a x4 955 won't hold back the 6850 xfire as much as 6870, so you get more value for your money.

:)  goodluck with the system build and enjoy!
February 21, 2011 8:27:13 AM

Oh alright then I will consider that. For reference purposes though, I am running a Seagate 500GB, 7200RPM hard drive as my primary, partitioned for my Windows, games etc. The WD Green drive is for my backups and images, which I leave running while I sleep so that I do not notice the painfully slow speeds.

I would rather stick with both the 6870 and 750W PSU as I spent a long time on my deciding on the graphics card and I do not want to go any lower than 750W. I plan to stick with a single card for 12-18 months before I get another one for CrossFire so I would like to start with something that is already powerful, with the second one to boost it back up to where technology may be at by then.

I am thinking of getting a new Sandy Bridge board that has multiple SATA3 ports so that I will not be affected by the SATA2 issue. The AsRock P67-Extreme4 motherboard has 4xSATA3 + 4xSATA2, which *should* give me as many ports as I should need. This in conjunction with the i5-2400 should be fine.

Either way, it is sure to be an improvement over my current Pentium E6300 and Nvidea 9600GT so all is well.

February 21, 2011 5:36:05 PM

No worries - keep in mind that the 2400 can only be overclocked a few hundred mhz where the 2500k can be overclocked 1.2ghz+ over its stock speed.

Although it won't matter will a single 6870, it most certainly will down the track

Spending the extra money on a Sandy Bridge build over the x4 955 is absolutely not worth it unless you buy a 2500k

Either way you're right its a huge upgrade :)  enjoy
February 21, 2011 5:40:43 PM

Lastly - you could always bring your system up to scratch whilst you wait for the revised Sandy Bridge motherboards in April.

Buy your new PSU & GPU and chuck them in your current system, and buy a Hyper 212+ cooler to overclock the E6300.

Would definitely tide you over till April, when you can buy the rest and move the PSU/GPU/Cooler over to the new build. And use this time to save a bit more for the 2500k
February 22, 2011 5:41:43 AM

Ok, thanks for your great help. I will see what I can do about my funds.

Also, what kind of aftermarket CPU cooler would I need to overclock? I have looked at a dew and I am wondering if the CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 would do; it looks like a 212+ except the fans do not have LEDs in them. Also, am I correct in assuming that watercooling is more or less overkill?

February 22, 2011 5:55:23 AM

Watercooling is only really relevant at the moment for high end multi graphics cards setups (such as tri sli GTX 580s) or for the 1366 socket previous generation i7s which run hot.

All the AMD x4 / x6 chips will hit their max safe overclocks on good air cooling (due to limited the overclocking overheads of the chips @ approx 4.0-4.2ghz) and the new Sandy Bridge i7 / i5s run cool enough that people are hitting 4.8ghz on air cooling safely.

Watercooling is more for looks/show off factor and for something to tinker with to extend the project a bit more lol.

It also requires more maintenance than air cooling and is more risky and time intensive to set up, and kits with capacity for a CPU only start at about 140$ and rapidly increase.

As for the 212+ / TX3 comparison, the 212+ is superior by quite a bit as it is larger and higher quality and is really the starting point for air cooling @ $30 (212+ should not have LEDs either). The Megahalems / D14 coolers (~$100 w/ dual fans) being the high end of the spectrum.

The gimmicky Corsair H70/H50 and CoolIT coolers are not true water cooling and are out performed in cooling and silence performance by most high end air coolers which are also cheaper.
February 22, 2011 6:04:08 AM

You might not even need to upgrade the PSU yet for the overclock e6300 / 6870 temporary solution whilst you save / wait for revised Sandy Bridge - what's your current one?

The 6870 upgrade w/ a overclock of the e6300 to 3.0ghz ish will see your performance more than double too by the way
February 22, 2011 8:06:49 AM

Oh alright then.

After double-checking the supplier's website and browsing Google, the 212+ does in fact have blue leds on it, so it may conflict with my red LEDs but that is quite minor. Do you think my CPU really needs a good aftermarket cooler or will filling all of the fan spaces on the case good enough? (I suspect I will need a CPU cooler but it's worth asking).

My current PSU is a CoolerMaster Power+ 500W so I am thinking even this is not enough.

Can you link me to an Over Clocking tutorial?

February 22, 2011 6:05:23 PM

Hyper 212+ No LEDs, few people I know have one and definitely no blue leds - don't know where you've seen this?

Filling all your case fan slots will not cool anything more than a few degrees most likely (depends on internal temp of case vs external), whereas a good air CPU cooler will drop something more like 20oC+ over the stock Intel one.

As for a guide just google 'Core 2 Duo Overclocking Guide', or there are plenty on this forums in the overclocking section for you to read through. Core 2s are fun to overclock too :) 

In regards to your PSU, although Coolermaster aren't very good PSUs 500w is sufficient for a C2D / single 6870 build like yours, it has 36A on its two 12v Rails which is enough. You may need a Molex - 6 Pin PCI-E adapter though, but you might not so check first (website has conflicting info, lists as 1x and the diagram shows 2x);

Being able to reuse the PSU you should really consider the overclock with Hyper 212+ (w/ Arctic Silver 5 or MX-3/MX-4 Paste) & Single 6870 upgrade whilst you wait for revised SB motherboards/save more money.
February 23, 2011 5:48:04 AM

Both of those images are of the cooler when it is off; the lights only come on when it is powered and spinning.

See? Check google some more and you should find the same thing.

I will search Google for the OC'ing guide, but my current processor is actually an Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6300, just for reference.

I think my motherboard only has one 6+2 pin power plug; whatever my 9600GT needs. If I put on a different CPU cooler, would I still be able to reuse it later or will it be bonded to the first CPU I put it on? Also, will I need to buy thermal paste or do I not need it?

I will think about my options; see what I can do about finding better prices for now.

February 23, 2011 8:19:13 AM

It thats a 212+ in that picture then it's had its fans changed from stock, even the fan mounts are different - trust me the Hyper 212+ does not come with LED fans stock. I've installed 2 recently in builds for my family and they come with a CM Rifle Fan with no LEDs.

LED fans tend to have semi transparent fan blades by the way to carry the light through, if you look at the Coolermaster website link I've pasted above and look at a picture of an actual stock Hyper 212+ you'll see its not an LED fan.

You will be able to move the 212+ over to your new build, you just unscrew it, clean the paste and reinstall. Yes you will need to buy thermal paste (try for MX-3 or MX-4, or Arctic Silver 5 if the others aren't available), which is enough for several builds and use in the future. You should do this even if you are going to use the stock cooler for your new build, as the included AMD/Intel coolers have crappy paste on them.

Overclocking the Dual-Core Pentium chips will be the same as the Core 2 Duos, they were just budget models basically.

So if you use your current PSU with a 6870 you have to buy a molex-6pin adapater no biggie, they're a few dollars only.
February 23, 2011 8:25:07 AM

Molex Adapter, CPU Cooler, 6870 + Thermal Compound for $309
(Probably another $10-15 cheaper through MSY)

Everything minus the molex adapter (measly 8$) to be reused in April when you buy your Sandy Bridge build = WIN.

*edit; Hell, this upgrade may well tide you over enough to wait for AMDs Bulldozer / Ivy Bridge later in the year for better performance / even more bang for buck *

Not to mention seems like you'll learn a lot
a b B Homebuilt system
February 23, 2011 5:16:00 PM

HD 6950 2GB ...

Nice upgrade from a 9600GT :lol: 

February 24, 2011 11:43:53 AM

I will see what I can do about the price; I am a regular at NetPlus and they give me discounts all the time. For example, I bought a 5m cable of them priced at $19, but I only had to pay $5. Good deals?

I am thinking more along the lines of CoolerMaster V6/V8 CPU cooler + Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound with a Sapphire ATI 6870 1GB. The whole thing will come to at least $375 at standard retail, but I am confident I can get it a little cheaper. I am still considering whether to get the TX-750 or TX-850 as a PSU...

To wisecracker: As much as I would like to get a 69xx series card, they are a good $100 out of my budget and no amount of discounting is going to save that back.

I am also still wondering if I should wait the extra couple months for the AM3+ Bulldozer cores to come out, then a few weeks after that for decent benchmark results. By then, even my 3.6GHz (Yes I plan to get up that far, by starting at 3.0GHz and going up by 200MHz intervals) may start to get out of date. Still, I have heard of people getting up to 4.2GHz from their E6300 so I will see what happens.

Also, it would seem that I have made my decision to go for a full tower as opposed to a mid-tower, which means either the Antec DF-85 or CoolerMaster HAF-932. The deciding factors will be cooling and cable management, with myself going for looks only once I am satisfied with performance.

February 26, 2011 2:29:32 AM

Coolermaster V6 / V8 are crap and overpriced and barely better than the Hyper 212+ - get a decent Noctua cooler or Megahalems if you want to spend more.

Definitely do the overclock e6300 / 6870 and wait for sandy bridge revised mobos / bulldozer / ivy bridge like I suggested. x4s and x6s are two generations behind atleast (on par with Core2Duo quads clock for clock) and not worth buying for a gamer. (speaking from experience my x4 965 @ 4.0 was sluggish and awful)

Cooling performance difference between a HAF 922 and 932 is minimal by the way - both will provide ample cooling for a CPU, the 932 will cool GPUs slightly better that's all. The DF Antecs are hideous looking in my opinion, spew worthy. PS HAF 922 has better cable management than the 932 - more space behind the motherboard.
February 26, 2011 5:19:49 AM

It would seem that I will go with the HAF-932 because it is a full-tower (as opposed to the 922) and my friend who owns one says it is one of the best cases he's ever had. Thats coming from a guy who has been working at a computer store for the past couple years.

As for the cooler, I was hoping I could get something knocked off the price of the CM V6/V8 coolers to make them more worth-while. If I cannot get them down to $50 or less, I will go for the 212+. Good decision?

February 26, 2011 5:45:17 AM

Don't get the V8 regardless its old and fail.

The V6GT is OK if you get it at a reduced price, but it's loud and doesn't perform as well as others of the same price / those slightly more expensive.

I've been meaning to get around to selling my Megahalems (watercooled now), you're in WA yeah?
February 26, 2011 11:02:46 PM

Yes I am in WA. Just south of the river. What are these "Megahalems" you speak of and how do they perform? Also, how many fans does it have because from the pictures it just looks like a big heatsink.

But if you say they would be better than a CoolerMaster V6GT then I would be interested.

February 27, 2011 3:57:20 AM

Prolimatech Megahalems 65$ Excluding Fans;

The three best air coolers at the moment are the Thermaltake Silver Arrow, Prolimatech Megahalems (and its black twin the Megashadow), and the Noctua D14 (in no particular order).

All are very similar for performance, the Noctua being the quietest and Megahalems the cheapest for the performance with a single decent fan.

Here's a decent review with a table for comparison to some other coolers;

Mine has two Scythe S-Flex G Fans, (23$ Each - excellent fans) and the AMD Bracket adapter if you end up with an AMD build too, has been used to about 8months and good cond. Don't really wanna turn this thread into a sales article for personal benefit but let me know if you're considering something of this price range and will do mates rates. (Private message if you need to know more)

But yeah V6GT is better than V8 if you go down that track too

February 27, 2011 10:31:14 AM

Ok then I will keep that in mind. When I do get a case I will take all 5 fans out of my Antec 200v2 and put them into the new one, with the left-over ones to be used for the CPU cooler if needed. At the moment I am looking at getting the V6GT as described here: and that is really it. I do plan on getting my discount and I would much rather pay and receive my item in person than online - but just preference.

After reading through your second link, I am convinced that the Megahalems are quality units, though they are a bit out of my budget (I am expecting a discount on the CM V6GT/V8 coolers otherwise I will go for a 212+). I notice the V6GT was not on that comparison; is it too new? The CoolerMaster V8 performed well on the list so I am unsure as to where you are coming from...

I do not need you to find or price things for me - I am capable of doing that myself - though I thank you for discussing the best of my options. You have been really useful through this entire thread and I am at a loss as to which one of your posts should be picked as the best answer...

February 27, 2011 11:12:05 AM

The Hyper 212+ actually outperforms the V8 on that review by the way, in raw performance and also in noise. The V8 is really really bad for the price.

The V6GT is newer than that review yep;

Cooling Performance


Cooling performance is OK - but noise is icky. Up to you whether this is an issue. But yeah cross that V8 off the list full stop. Worse than the 212+ for more than double the price lol.

For 77$ from that site that V6GT is awfully overpriced (68$ PCcasegear). But yeah if you manage to get the V6GT for < 60$ its a decent deal, otherwise 77$ is a Megahalems w/ 2200 RPM Yate Loon Fan which is awesome.

Keep in mind if you pull the fans out of your Antec 200 you can't resell it, you'd be better off chucking it on ebay and buying good quality fans with the cash it generates. The included fans on the Antec 200 are pretty average.

Just grab a HAF-932 (stock fans are fine on this, so you won't need extras) and sell the Antec 200.

All the best with the build! Hope you enjoy it, I'm sure the overclocking will be fun and you'll be addicted soon enough like the rest of us <3

February 27, 2011 11:15:11 AM

(PS for a single 6870 the Antec 200 w/ all fans is plenty good enough)

*PPS, sorry for finding / pricing things again! couldn't help it haha*
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