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ASUS P9Z79 & i7-3930K


in idle mode, after 2-3 hours, a warning message from that wretched ASUS AI Suite II Fan Xpert+ pops up, warning me that the motherboard is overheating at -60°C(!). Surely this must be an error, but then, is it really? Anyone got strange readouts like this and knows how to interpret them?

Any hints as to what's going on much appreciated!
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  1. I've seen one similar problem on my ASUS Rampage 4 extreme with a i7-3930K one of the Subzero Sense temps for some reason started warning me that it was reading 6000 degrees celcius, a couple of days later it stopped no problem since.
    Have no clue what cause it or what
  2. I have the same thing with the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, a warning that it was reading 6000+ degrees Celsius on Subzero Sense 1, but unfortunately I've had the problem for about a month and it hasn't gone away. The warning pops up somewhat randomly, sometimes every few seconds and I have no idea how to disable it. It's driving me crazy.
  3. Its the sensor misreading the data. Happens all the time.

    My SSD is running @ 1 Celsius
  4. Got rid of the "problem" by not running ASUS software in parallel to, let's say, hwmonitor or similar monitoring software. In any case, ASUS told me to just ignore "bogus" readouts - it's just a bug.
  5. Thats what I said too : )

    I learned to forget about it.

    Its the sensor misreading the data.
  6. Interesting was (for me) that after much phoning, ASUS customer support themselves told me not to run their software in conjunction with others, because their software was programmed to "meet tight deadlines" and "programming errors like this are unfortunately common". Don't we just love 'em :)
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    I guess u can hear just about anything from the call centers : )
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  9. Good luck!
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