Worth upgrading from an I7 920?

Hello, ive been feeling that itch to go build a new system, but not sure its worth the money atm. Current specs are
I7 920
12 gb ram (corsair, but cant recall details)
Board: ASUSTeK P6T DELUXE V2 Rev 1.xx
graphics gtx 280
HD is a WD caviar black, 1 tb,sata 3, 64 mb cache.
I generally use it for gaming, though not cutting edge, and I run a 23" monitor set to its highest resolution (1680x1050)
Cant think of what else to share. Would look at spending about $1250 for a build, and im happy to scavenge from this system. Any thoughts if its worth it, and if so, what route should I go?
Thanks for any ideas.
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  1. No, it's not worth it. The i7 920 is plenty good enough. If you really want to upgrade then wait till later in the year when Intel releases new CPUs for their 1155 socket (or until AMD release Bulldozer to see how they compare)
    Personally I would sooner spend money upgrading to a 24 (or bigger if you really want)inch screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080, but even that is certainly not required, just getting a bit more 'pretty' from your games.

    Aside from monitor, the only other thing I would consider would be a new generation of GPU, but again, if all your games are running well I would wait until late in the year and upgrade it at same time as the rest of the PC, they will either be cheaper then or something new or a revised edition of the current gen may be out. Also, at your resolution the GTX 280 should have all the power you need

    While I say wait until end of the year, your PC really won't need upgrading for a few years, but I understand the upgrade itch and know sometimes what is 'needed' is not going to be enough to deter from spending cash on an upgrade
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Your rig looks great,I don't see any reasons for upgrading.
    GTX 280 is more than enough to handle games at your current resolution.
    You may want to add a SSD drive if you want lower loading/boot times and overall a faster OS experience.
  3. sorry to reply to my own post, but looked up my ram, its actually oz gold pc3 12800 8-8-8, and its 6x2gb sticks, and it seems my edit removed the psu, thats a tx 750 watt corsair. also considering converting some ram to a ram disk as per the article suggesting 8 gb should be enough
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