750 watts too much?

Hey i need some advice on a build I am going to try to do over the next month. These are the components that I am looking to get:

Asus Z68 Mobo:

NZXT H2 Case (has 3 120 mm fans):

i5 2400:

Nvidia 560 Ti:

8GB of Gskill ram:

500GB hard drive now:

Probably switch to 120 GB SSD in the next year (hopefully prices drop by then) and Ill probably end up adding 2x3Tb hard drives later for all my movies and tv shows.

I don't think I will ever game enough to need two discrete cards. Plan on running in 1080p. Ill drop the resolution if I find a game is having difficulty running higher fps.

I planned on buying a 750 W NZXT

Nvidia suggests a 500 watt power supply for the 560 Ti.

So Im just wondering, would it be more efficient to step down to a 650 80 Plus Gold with the components I am interested in or should I keep the 750w 80 Plus Gold anyway for expansion purposes?
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    Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    I'd say that you are thinking in future, but if you can change to a XFX 650W and get the i5-2500K it'd be better.

    Do you want overclock? games? what do you want do with the rig?
  2. I mean it really depends on the efficiency of the PSU, 750 W will be in excess of what you need, but 750W, I would say is the minimum to have your system SLI proof(for mid to high end GPU's), in case you want to add another GPU later on. Having higher wattage PSU might make your system drain more watts from your wall on idle, though while using 50% or more will be Gold efficient. At the end it really depends if your planning to SLI later on, then get it. If not just know that you will be using, ~40-80Watts more while your system is on idle. A good quality 520W to 620W should be enough for your system
  3. That mobo is quite expensive, good for multiple video cards. Better get a cheaper one, usually the CPUs have combo deals with mobos or RAM. An i-5 2500K would be nice too.

    Antec High Current Gamer 620, SeaSonic M12II 620, SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold are powerful enough.

    Alternative for the video card
  4. Not really looking to overclock too much. Might dink around with it a bit, but i dont intend on pushing any limits so that's why I didn't really go with the 2500k.

    Im not really planning on SLI-ing either. I would probably only use 1 23" 1080p monitor.

    But I do remux a lot of videos from .mkv to .m2ts for my ps3 and also convert them for my ipod too. That's why I held out for the z68 mobo (for quicksync and discrete card)

    So you suggest the Seasonic XFX 650W then?
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  6. There is no harm in getting a PSU with a power rating higher than what is actually required (as long as it is from a good manufacturer).. Now for the sake of it, a good 500W unit will handle your requirements adequately.. So getting a good 650W is an excellent cover for any more power hungry upgrades you make in future.. Having said that, i'll recommend you going for a cheaper PSU and get the i5 2500K.. Now cheaper does not means poorer quality -
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