5870 + 1TB HDD + Corsair 650TX Combo worth it?

Newegg wants $300 for all 3 items (after rebate). Should I jump on this? I'm a bit hesitant to go after this old card with the new 6xxx series out. I will likely also purchase the 2 x 4GB G.Skill memory for $100 for my future sandy bridge build.

So is this a good enough deal to jump at or should I piece something together with Nvidia or a 6xxx series card?
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  1. if you're happy with the 5870, I'd go with that. Its still a beast. What resolution are you running your games at?
  2. 1920 x 1080 but this could be subject to change.
  3. You getting a 30"? Any higher than 1920x1080 is asking a lot from a 5870
  4. I'm not ruling out getting a second monitor sometime in the future, but for my current needs 1920 x 1080 will be the resolution.

    I'm just curious if this deal will be beaten sometime between now and the release of the sandy bridge parts.
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